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When the days get colder and winter weather strikes, there are some important outdoor considerations to keep in mind.

Preparation is essential in so many aspects of life, especially when it comes to matters related to the home. Home improvement jobs should be fully planned before they get underway. Purchasing a new aluminum fence should involve research and preparing the space. Getting your property ready for different seasons also involves some planning ahead for extreme weather changes.

In winter, many people find the weather can change dramatically without notice from day to day. Even in states that are considered to have pretty mild winters, a freeze can happen overnight, leaving some lawns frosted unexpectedly. To properly prepare and care for your yard and fence during these cold times, there are a few factors to keep in mind. These considerations can help ensure the outdoor spaces of your property are looking as good as new when springtime arrives.

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Lawn Care Considerations

You may wonder why you need to think about your lawn during the long, cold winter months. You might not need to worry about watering and mowing it, but you still need to ensure everything on the lawn itself is taken care of! Leaving furniture on the lawn or walking over the lawn often during snowy or freezing weather can leave a soppy, muddy mess once the ground thaws out. This can become an eyesore if the ground freezes, thaws and then gets rained on quite a bit. Keep this in mind if you know your lawn is prone to muddy patches in wet weather, and perhaps consider moving some of the furniture that you might use so it is more accessible and requires less foot traffic over the frozen ground.

Similarly, don’t let piles of leaves or other natural debris sit near a fence or gate throughout the winter months. These can leave muddy piles and invite unwanted critters to burrow beneath them. Even worse, a layer of wet and decaying leaves can essentially suffocate the grass, leaving you with a very dull yard when springtime comes.

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Fencing Considerations

To help keep your aluminum fence looking spectacular through the winter, take a look at any branches or bushes near the fence that could pose a problem. Think about the windy and wet weather that is to come and how these low-hanging branches or overgrown bushes could scratch or dent the fence, especially the powder coating. Trim off these pesky branches so you don’t have to worry throughout the season whether the weather will have an effect on them.

Another thing that can cause problems with a beautiful aluminum fence is salt. Salt is used to address ice patches on walkways to keep them safe for passersby. Unfortunately, salt can be corrosive if it makes its way past the protective powder coating of a fence. Try to keep the salt away from the fence, or use a more natural de-icing product on any walkways near fences. Salt can also spell bad news for plant life, so think ahead to your gardening days in warmer weather and be careful with the salt now.

With these considerations for your lawn and fence, you can easily and successfully get through the winter months with an outdoor space that is beautiful and well-maintained.

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