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Anyone who has purchased or erected an aluminum fence knows the important relationship between the panels and the posts of the fence or gate.

When you purchase a piece of furniture where you have to put it together yourself, you will receive a box or two with many items inside. The piece of furniture will be deconstructed in front of you, and it will inevitably come with some sort of screw or other fixture to put the pieces together. It may look like an unsolvable puzzle from the outside, but once you find the all-important instruction manual, things begin to make sense and fall into place.

All of the above can also be true for a DIY fence made of aluminum! You might be thinking that an aluminum fence is way too large of a project to be DIY, but that isn’t true. When you order aluminum fencing online, everything comes ready for your home improvement project.

It’s important to note that you will need to order your posts in addition to the panels when going through the online system. If you need help deciding how many posts or what size or style to order, just ask a fencing specialist for assistance with your specific needs.

Khaki Aluminum Fence

Two Peas in a Pod

The need for posts with your aluminum fence is evident. The panels won’t magically stand up on their own. To provide the beautifully symmetric floating look, they need to be attached on either side to something. Most of the time this will be a post, but the panels can also be attached to some outdoor walls.

When the panels and posts arrive, you will notice that there needs to be a notch for the panels to fit into the posts. The location of this notch will depend on the height and type of aluminum post you have purchased. If you have decided to add a gate to your DIY fence project, there will be hinges that will need to be attached to the posts. Installing these is also easily done at home. You only need to choose which side of the post the gate will go on and follow the instructions.

Large Metal Fence

Changing It Up

When preparing to install the fence, you have a few choices when it comes to which posts to use. If you’re using aluminum posts that match the fence and gate, you’ll first need to plan for an in-ground installation by digging some holes. The depth needed for the posts depends on what grade aluminum you have, along with where you are located. Some areas have certain regulations set by the municipality or a homeowners association dictating how deep the holes should be, and some areas have extreme weather conditions that may warrant deeper holes.

You could also use something completely different for your posts. Using different types of posts is possible with aluminum panels, giving you even more options for customization and a beautiful exterior. You may find that switching up materials and putting aluminum panels with stone or wood posts provides a unique and specific aesthetic that you want for your property. Just be sure you get the correct mounting brackets for the post material you choose.

With all of these amazing choices for a beautiful fence, it almost seems like the installation is the easy part compared to choosing what to order in the first place! Once you have made the decision on which posts and panels to use, it only gets easier until you end up with the perfect finished product.Large Residential Fence