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Having a fence between you and the neighboring yard is a great idea, but it can come with some awkward conversations about cost, cleaning and repairs.

Everyone wants to live harmoniously on their block with those around them. Most people hope that everyone in their neighborhood will keep their lawns nicely manicured, their homes in good repair, and their fences looking sharp and clean. Unfortunately, this might not always be the case.

Having a fence around your property helps in a few ways. It keeps your property looking nicely kept, but it can also benefit you by blocking some of your view to a possibly messy neighboring property. With aluminum fencing, you can even decide how much or how little you want to be seen between pickets so nothing distracts from your view.

Large Metal Fence

Installing What Pleases Everyone

When choosing what type of fence you want, you may worry about the cost. Aluminum fence cost compared to other materials is quite favorable. Aluminum panels are made with a powder coating that keeps them dry and in great condition for years after purchasing. The aluminum grade on the fence can be made for residential, commercial or industrial properties, getting thicker and stronger the larger the fence is.

Putting up your own fence can be a do-it-yourself project. You can order the panels, posts and gates online from the comfort of your own home. Just a few measurements and decisions later, you will be using an easy checkout, and all you have to do next is wait for your fencing materials to arrive at your home. Installing the fence is achievable thanks to helpful instructions and diagrams.

Let’s say your fence will be facing your neighbor’s property or is right near the property line. This means your neighbor will also benefit from the fencing in one way or another. This is when you can have a conversation with the owner of the neighboring property to see if they might be interested in going in on the cost with you. Aluminum fence cost is incredibly reasonable for the great quality you are getting, but it can always be helpful to have someone to split it with.

Aluminum Fence Sloped

Open Communication Is Essential

When it comes time to have the conversation with the neighbors about your fence plans, try to keep everyone that might be affected in mind. For example, if you think you will be working into the night or very early in the morning at any point, try to ensure you won’t be making too much noise. Similarly, if you need to borrow a part of a neighbor’s yard to place some panels when they arrive, ask ahead of time so you can have a backup plan if that doesn’t work out.

Having a neighbor who is interested in working on the fence together with you can be great, as long as you continue to have an open dialogue about everything that comes up. Be sure to discuss every detail, such as which way any gates will swing, what color and design will make everyone happy, and who will be in charge of cleaning and any upkeep.

Aluminum fencing has minimal upkeep, is cost-effective and can please everyone on the block. Let your property reflect who you are and what you want out of your outdoor spaces, keeping in mind those around you as well.

Large Aluminum Fence