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Metal fencing has a specific look that goes with almost every property type. Metal fence designs, aluminum fence designs in particular, provide a classic and elegant look that can either blend in or stand out, depending on the property owner’s needs.

Using metal for outdoor design elements doesn’t have to be rigid and boring. Spears, spirals, circles and other touches are common in aluminum fence designs. These add a great dimension to the vertical pickets and horizontal bars of traditional metal fence designs.

You can even see fence designs that are unique and customized. You’ll find an abundance of choices when it comes to styling aluminum fencing and gates. From color to size to overall look, there is something for everyone.

Bronze Industrial Gates

Designs for Every Need

Not only is there a fence design for everyone, but there is a fence design for every property. From family homes and apartment buildings to industrial centers, schools and parking lots, aluminum fencing can be designed to handle it all.

It is very important to note the strength and stability of an aluminum fence. Yes, the design is important, but you want a strong and sturdy fence that will last for years, right? Aluminum is made to last, with different grades for different property types. Residential homes get all they need from residential aluminum fencing, commercial properties from commercial fencing, and industrial properties get even more strength and stability from industrial aluminum fencing.

Each fencing design comes with a specialized powder coating on the aluminum that keeps it in top shape through any weather or wear and tear. Some properties have more action going on, such as those with young children playing or a lot of foot or car traffic going in and out. In these cases, you can choose an aluminum fence design to support such use. Aluminum can withstand everything, and ensuring you get the correct entryways and gates designed with heavy use in mind will go a long way.

A large part of the design is choosing how much space will be between each picket. Aluminum fencing comes in panel form, and each panel has vertical pickets set a specific length apart from one another. This space depends on the design and the practical use of your fence. For example, if there are animals on your property – or if you are trying to keep them out – consider using puppy pickets that have extra pickets along the bottom part of the fence to allow less space for any animals to squeeze through. Similarly, you may wish to have privacy panels as part of your fencing design to create a more private oasis within your property and stop prying eyes from peeking in.

Large Bronze Fence with Finials

Playing Around with Design Customization

You can choose the style, color, design, customized inlays, and even what posts to attach your panels to. Much of the style comes down to the finishing touches of a metal fence. For example, at the top of each picket, you can choose special shapes to create the look you want. There are flat spears, multiple finial choices or just a basic plugged cap. If none of this tickles your fancy or if the fencing panels are to be used as a railing, you can always top the pickets with a horizontal bar for a different look. You can even put a horizontal bar across the top of a finial or spear for an added dimension.

Another way to customize your fence to suit your style and design choice is by considering rings. This circular design element works well with certain properties. You can pair this with a customized inlay with your initials or an emblem to really make your property pop.

Your fencing panels will arrive at your property ready to be installed. You may have chosen to attach these panels to aluminum posts, or you may have a different look in mind. Aluminum fencing panels can be attached to different types of materials for posts, and this is a popular choice when a driveway gate is involved. Check out all of the options to find what’s best for you.

Choosing an aluminum fence design could be one of the best choices you make for your property. Not only are you getting a strong fence with minimal upkeep, but you are also getting a beautifully attractive fence that welcomes everyone to the property with the look of your dreams. No matter what property type you have in need of an enclosure, you can be sure there is a design that fits your needs with aluminum metal fencing.

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