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When it’s time for a new fence, it’s hard to know where to start. Order aluminum fencing online to understand the best style and size for your property.

Short and wide, tall and slender or bright and bold; there are so many options to really make your fence your own. Depending on the needs of your property, you may require specific measurements for your metal fencing panels.

There are a few factors to consider when choosing the right size for the panels, posts and gates of your property. Knowing all of the options before you begin will help you ensure you are getting exactly what you need.

Getting the Grading Just Right

Aluminum fencing comes delivered to your door in panel form. What that means for you is an easy-to-install home improvement job that will give you a secure property in no time.

Before all of the installation and enjoyment of the final product, you have to make the all-important decision of which metal fencing panels to purchase.

The different grades of aluminum fencing you can choose from depend on your property type. For residential purposes, a classic aluminum fence will do the job.

For commercial properties, the fencing comes in a heavier commercial grade, which adds a little thickness and weight for properties that likely have more cars and people coming and going.

Industrial grade fencing is even thicker than the other types to stay standing strong, even with industrial equipment that may come dangerously close during normal operation on the property.

Large Fence with Rings

Getting the Height Just Right

The height of your metal fencing panels is a little trickier than choosing a grade. The height that you choose for your fencing depends on a few factors. First, you should consider the purpose of your property.

If your property has a pool—whether it’s for personal use or for tenants in a building—there are very specific rules and regulations that come with the fencing.

For the safety of those living at the property as well as anyone who may wander into it, there are very specific height rules as well as rules governing the type of locking mechanism on any gates.

Depending on your area, there could also be regulations on height that the homeowner’s association may place on properties. These could be to make the area look uniform or for further safety concerns.

Thankfully, there are plenty of height options to choose from with every style and grade of aluminum fencing.

Large Industrial Fence

Getting the Width Just Right

The width of your panels is a consideration, especially if you have any unique areas on your land where you have to creatively work the fencing around. This is one reason it is so important to measure your yard multiple times to be sure you get the right panels.

Width is also important for the empty space between the pickets. Depending on how much you want outsiders to see in, you may choose to have less space between pickets.

You could even create a private oasis with privacy panels. Properties that have pets may also choose puppy panels that create less space at the bottom of the panels to keep the pets safely in the yard.

Measuring your property is one step toward picking the right size of aluminum fence, but you also must check any rules and regulations for the height of your fence.

Taking everything into consideration during the planning stages will ensure you purchase the perfect fence.

Aluminum Fence In Snow