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The safety of children is of the utmost importance at home and in a school setting. Schools have a responsibility to keep the premises safe.

Children begin school very young, and they continue for well over a decade. That is a long time to spend five days a week away from the home, essentially being in the care of school staff. This is why schools need to seriously consider the safety and security of their school buildings and the entire property. The security of the environment where children walk from class to class depends on the perimeter of the property and how well the fencing is doing its job.

Large Industrial Fence

Fencing First

Before considering the entryways to the school’s premises, you will want to think about the full perimeter of the property. Although you will be searching for the most secure option, you will still want a pleasant and welcoming environment so students feel comfortable while at school.

There are plenty of fencing materials to choose from, but one really surpasses the others in looks, cost, security, and durability. Aluminum fencing and aluminum driveway gates are made of a strong metal that doesn’t rust the way others do. Aluminum fencing is covered in a powder coating that helps deter the oxidation process from starting by keeping moisture out.

Choosing aluminum for the fencing panels of a school allows you to have a wonderfully designed fence that helps keep children safely on site. The vertical pickets and posts are held together by horizontal bars to create an attractive and well-designed fence. Children won’t be able to climb over the fence, nor will they be able to fit between the pickets to escape the property. This means less worry for educators while supervising outside play.

Khaki Aluminum Fence

Gated Entry Points

A big part of security for any property is the entry point. In a school setting, there are likely multiple entry points for cars, buses, and those walking onto the premises. Aluminum driveway gates and entry gates ensure the property is secured at all entrances and exits.

Aluminum gates are made with the same strong metal as the fence itself. The metal can withstand intense weather conditions so you won’t see it topple over, even in strong wind. Aluminum can also withstand plenty of wear and tear, which is great when you consider the number of times the gates will need to open and close during the school year, plus the wear and tear that is likely to happen when children are playing outdoors.

Gated entry points will also likely benefit from a strong locking mechanism that is out of the reach of small hands. There are plenty of choices for gates, making it easy to find the right type for a school’s particular needs to ensure children are kept safe and sound.

The upkeep for aluminum fencing and gates is nothing to worry about because it is very minimal. School staff won’t need to spend extra time cleaning or find funding for special cleaning chemicals because it is simply not needed for aluminum fencing. A simple wash with mild soap and water is all you need between seasons to keep the fencing looking great and keeping everyone safe at school year after year.

Large Estate Gate with Bronco Inlay