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Anything that lives permanently outdoors can get dirty pretty quickly. Learn some ways to keep your aluminum fence well maintained.

Dirt, dust, grime a mud are all things you may find on outdoor furniture or other items in your yard. You likely clean the furniture and decor that you keep outdoors often, but what about your fence? Depending on the type of material your fence is made of, you may need to spend some more time giving it attention and maintenance.

Of course, one fencing material in particular is worth every penny when it comes to the upkeep and cleaning side of things. Aluminum fencing panels are easy to maintain and a breeze to clean. Even better, they won’t rust or rot the way other fencing materials will.

The Protective Coating of Aluminum Fencing

Keeping any fence clean takes some work, but aluminum is by far one of the easiest materials to keep clean. Aluminum fencing panels come delivered to your door ready for installation. They are so ready to go, in fact, that they even come with a protective layer of a specialized coating on the outside of the entire panel.

This protective coating is made from powder, believe it or not. The powder coating keeps moisture and dirt away from the surface of the metal, allowing it to keep doing its job of creating a strong and sturdy perimeter for your property. Water wouldn’t necessarily ruin the integrity of the fence’s structure should it make it past the protective coating, but it would begin an oxidization process that can be unsightly. Therefore, it’s important to keep the powder coating and fence clean from dirt and debris to keep it intact.

Khaki Aluminum Fence


Keeping a fence clean might be the last thing on your mind, but it is something you should think about from time to time. Thankfully, you don’t have to clean aluminum fencing too frequently. A nice and simple cleaning between seasons can do wonders for keeping your aluminum in great shape.

To clean an aluminum fence, you do not need any fancy chemicals or products. You also don’t need to purchase any cleaning equipment. You only need mild soap and water with a rag. You can use a pressure washer if you have access to one, but you don’t need to purchase one to get the job done.

Large White Aluminum Fence

Upkeep and Maintenance

The key to cleaning is timing. If you clean your fence between seasons, you should not have too much of a mess on your hands. If there is a particularly muddy season, you may want to rinse the fence with a hose or do an extra cleaning, just to help with maintaining the cleanliness to make it easier for yourself in the long run.

When you clean the dirt and grime off your fence, it is helpful to check for any scratches or dents in the surface of it. This allows you to catch any problems right away. If you see a scratch in the powder-coated layer, it is simple to fix.

Cleaning your fencing panels is easier than you think. Whether you live near the ocean, in an icy and freezing climate, or have a particularly muddy and rainy season, a quick cleaning of your fence with mild detergent and water will keep your fence looking great season after season.

Large Bronze Fence with Finials