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When deciding what type of driveway gate to purchase, there are many different aspects to consider, such as whether you want a double or a single gate.

Driveway aluminum gates are made with your safety in mind. The perfect driveway gate for you depends on a lot of factors, but one thing is clear: choosing aluminum for the fencing material is the best way to go.

Aluminum is the fencing material that can withstand so much while still being attractive and affordable. Having a fence made of this durable metal means a safe, secure and beautiful perimeter around your property. But what about the entryways? Choosing driveway aluminum gates means protecting the buildings and people on the property with a long-lasting material.

Large Industrial Driveway Gate

Swinging Gates at the Entryway

The entrance to your property may be on foot, via car, or both. Having a welcoming entryway is sometimes just as important as having a functional and safe entryway, depending on the property type you have. For example, if you are a commercial business owner, you will want the area where your customers arrive at the premises to be safe, secure and inviting.

To make your property so welcoming, it’s important to consider how your gates will open. Will you have a single or a double driveway gate? Will the gates swing out or slide to open? The gated area should make sense functionally and be easy to maneuver for those who need to access the area.

Swinging driveway gates made of aluminum will be built to last, whether you have chosen a single gate or a double gate. That is because the amazing metal is covered in a powder coating that keeps the metal underneath in great shape. The metal itself is strong but not too heavy, so it can withstand plenty of wear and tear.

Aluminum is also easy to maintain, meaning your gates and fencing will be the least of your worries when the weather changes. You only need to clean your fence and gates from time to time with a mild detergent and a rag. Easy does it! While you are cleaning, it’s good to look for any scratches or dents you didn’t know about previously so they can be addressed.

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Doubling Things Up

There are advantages and disadvantages to the way you decide your gates will open. These pros and cons are all dependent on what you want and need for your specific property. For example, if you have a smaller property, you may find it best to have a single gate that swings open, allowing one car through at a time. However, if your property is larger and there is likely more car traffic or even larger vehicles, a double swinging gate may be more appropriate.

The great news is that there are plenty of various heights, styles and grades for your aluminum driveway gate. What you choose will depend on the property type and your needs. The taller gates are great for added security and even privacy, though even a standard gate will protect you.

Choosing what is best for your property means finding the right aluminum gate option that covers all the bases. With the affordable price tag, beautiful exterior and tough material, aluminum is a great option for your driveway gate.

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