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Knowing exactly what you are getting yourself into before beginning an aluminum fence project is essential to having a successful result.

Aluminum panel fencing is a popular choice for property owners. This fencing material can do wonders for residential, commercial and industrial properties. From easy ordering to do-it-yourself installation and minimal upkeep, aluminum seems like an easy decision to make. But before you click and order a brand new fence for your property, you may have some important questions. Let’s explore some answers so you feel fully ready for your next outdoor project.

Where Do I Even Begin?

Knowing when, where, and how to begin is your first and possibly most important question. Depending on where you live, there may be certain seasons that are better than others to begin such a big project outdoors. Spring, summer, and fall are all great for home improvement upgrades, but the prep work can begin before that.

Believe it or not, a lot of your preparation work is done over the internet. That’s right: you can shop around and purchase your aluminum panel fencing items online. This can be a better option than going to a brick and mortar store as you take care of the easy ordering and have the chance to see everything that is available all at once. Head online to see the many options as well as what else you need to do to prepare, such as measuring your yard.

Residential Aluminum Fence With Finials

How Much Will Installation Cost?

When you see the price of aluminum fencing, you will likely think that it is pretty affordable. Therefore, you may wonder where any hidden costs could be. The great thing about aluminum panel fencing is that you do the installation yourself. That means not having to pay an arm and a leg to hire professionals.

Having a DIY project like this also means you can work on your own timeline. You get to decide when the project will begin and how long it will take. You may want to ask a neighbor or friend for a hand during the installation process to make it go a little quicker.

Black Aluminum Fence with Custom Posts

But Will It Really Last?

With such an affordable price tag, you may wonder if you are truly getting a high-quality item. You can rest assured that you are indeed getting one of the best fencing materials available today. Aluminum panels and posts are covered in a protective powder coating that helps the metal stay dry and sturdy.

Aluminum oxidizes if unprotected, but it will not rust the way that other metals, like steel, will. It is actually quite easy to clean your aluminum fence and keep it looking shiny and new. You only need to use a rag and mild soap and water to clean the surface of the fencing. Of course, after a particularly muddy or dirty month, you can use a pressure washer. However, with regular upkeep, this may not be necessary. The powder coating does a lot of the work, so it is important to ensure it is always intact.

If you are thinking of taking the plunge into the wonderful world of aluminum fencing, now is a great time to make your purchase and begin preparations for your next exciting home improvement job.

Close up of aluminum fence