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You may be ready to take the plunge with a new fence but aren’t sure whether aluminum is right for you. Keep reading to get all your questions answered.

Big home improvement jobs can be daunting. Where do you begin? What do all of these words mean? Do I really need to purchase this? Some helpful questions are answered below so you can feel confident when choosing your next aluminum fence panel home improvement job. You might already know the answer to some of these questions, but you also just might learn a thing or two to really help you solidify your decision to buy an aluminum panel fence.

What Is the Difference Between a Post, a Panel, and a Picket?

Starting with the basics, it’s helpful to know what you are working with when moving ahead with an aluminum fence or gate. An aluminum fence picket is a singular vertical piece of metal that, when put parallel to a number of others, creates a fence. An aluminum fence panel is a bunch of these vertical fence pickets all attached by a few horizontal bars. The number of each of these pickets and bars that you get will depend on the style and size you choose. An aluminum fence post is a thicker, vertical bar or post that goes between each panel.

How Does the Fence Get Installed?

Believe it or not, the installation process is a do-it-yourself project. You will install the fencing panels, posts, and gates yourself without the need to hire professionals. If you want to hire someone to help out, you certainly can, but the process can be done as a home improvement job thanks to helpful diagrams and instructions.

Why So Many Choices?

The options available for your aluminum fence and gate are there to make it easier for you, not more difficult! There should really be something for everyone design-wise, thanks to the plethora of options for the tops of the pickets, the various color options, and additional customized décor pieces. Check out the fence customizer tool to get a feel for what you might want for your fence and gates.

Why Is Aluminum So Popular?

Aluminum fencing has gained popularity because of its elegant look and affordable price. The cost is reasonable compared to other metal fencing, and they all have very similar looks. “You get what you pay for” doesn’t apply here because the aluminum metal is able to withstand incredible wear and tear as well as intense weather. The overall look of aluminum fencing, with its clever, secure style and customization options, goes with many properties.

Are There High Maintenance Costs?

The beauty of purchasing aluminum fencing lies in the ease of it all. You can order everything online, and it will be delivered right to your door. From there, you’ll work on your own timeline for installation. After installation, all you need to do is enjoy the fence and give it a cleaning from time to time. That’s it! No replacement parts and expensive power washing sessions are necessary.

Whether you have a residential, commercial, or industrial property, aluminum fencing and gates can help. Aluminum gives additional safety and security to the premises while looking amazing. Add to that an affordable price and easy upkeep, and the question you’ll be asking yourself is “Why didn’t I purchase this sooner?”