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It’s important to dog owners that they keep their beloved pets safe. The most certain way to ensure your dog stays safe in your home is to invest in high-quality fencing around your home and yard. Here are some of our top tips for how dog owners can go about choosing the perfect fence to make sure that man’s best friend stays safely at home.

Why Aluminum Fences?

Aluminum is the perfect fence material of choice for dog lovers. It is a durable material that can hold up even in the worst weather. While wooden fences might blow over in high winds, aluminum fences are much less likely to be knocked down by bad weather, meaning you won’t need to be nervous about your pet escaping after a storm.

The durability of aluminum also means that, unlike with a wooden or wire fence, your dog won’t be able to easily dig their way underneath it. This means that your pet won’t be able to escape from the yard by digging craftily hidden holes under your fence, giving you one less thing to worry about.

Aluminum also comes with the advantage that dogs are unlikely to try chewing it. As any dog owner knows, one of the major drawbacks that comes with having a wooden fence is the possibility that a dog will chew it, swallow a splinter (or even a bigger piece of wood) and land you with an unwell puppy and some large veterinary bills.

What if I Live in a Busy Neighborhood?

Aluminum residential fencing might be the most common choice for homeowners looking to secure their homes and gardens, but it isn’t the only option. If you live near a busy highway or in any area that sees high levels of traffic, you might want to consider investing in an aluminum commercial fence. A commercial fence offers an even higher level of security than a residential fence.

My Dog Can Jump Really High. Will a Commercial Fence be Enough?

An aluminum commercial fence can be purchased in sizes of up to six feet high, making sure that even the most energetic of big dogs won’t be able to escape from your yard. Even Great Danes, the biggest of all dog breeds, can only jump over fences that are approximately 5 feet high. By installing a commercial aluminum fence, you can rest assured that your pet dog will be safe no matter what their size.

How Do I Stop My Small Dog From Escaping?

Keeping small dogs safe in the yard can be even trickier than keeping an eye on bigger dog breeds. One way of making sure your small dog or puppy can’t escape is to choose an aluminum fence that includes a puppy panel. Puppy panels are also sometimes called puppy pickets, short pickets, or puppy pickets. These are an optional design element that can be fabricated directly into the gate, helping to keep your dogs in… and other small animals out!

Can I Add Puppy Panels to My Existing Fence?

Unfortunately, because puppy panels are an integral part of the gate’s design, they aren’t something that can just be added to a gate you’ve already purchased from another manufacturer.

If you have any other questions about how to use aluminum fencing to make your yard dog-friendly and secure, why not check out our Knowledge Base for more information?