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If you’re thinking about replacing your garden fence, the range of choices out there might initially seem a bit bewildering. What features should you consider when thinking about your next new fence? Here are some of the main features you should make sure to keep in mind.

Choose Your Material

The first step when buying a new fence is to choose which material you want. If you live in a more traditional or older building, you might want to consider buying a wooden fence. If you want a cheaper, more modern option, you might want to think about a vinyl fence. If you want a sturdy, easily customizable option that is bound to stand the test of time, an aluminum fence could be the best choice for you. Aluminum fences are particularly suitable for homes that experience large amounts of rain and strong winds as they are extremely resistant to poor weather.

Choose Your Height

After deciding which material is the most suitable for your new fence, it’s time for you to decide what height of fence you would like. There are three main sizes of garden fences available: residential, commercial, and industrial.

Residential fences are the most common form of fences used on residential lots. Residential fences come in heights of up to six feet. This means they’re high enough to provide a good level of security while ensuring that your home still looks warm and welcoming.

Commercial fences are also commonly found on residential lots. They come in heights of between five and ten feet. Commercial fences are most popular with homeowners whose properties are located along busy roads or in areas that see a high number of passersby. As the name suggests, they are also a popular fencing choice for business owners.

Industrial fences come in sizes of up to ten feet. They are mostly found outside commercial properties and warehouses rather than on residential lots; however, they may be suitable for high-rise apartment blocks.

Choose Your Additional Features

Once you’ve decided what type and size of fence you want, you should consider which extra features you’d like to add. If you’re looking to bring more privacy to your home, you might want to add some privacy panels to your garden fence. Your privacy panels should ideally be made from the same materials as the rest of your fence, so if you have an aluminum fence, an aluminum fence panel is a must. An aluminum fence panel can be integrated into your aluminum fence to give you an extra bit of privacy. These fence panels are also sometimes known as puppy panels because they can help make sure that energetic puppies and kids stay safely in your yard.

The other way to customize your fence is by adding extra features such as arches. Arches can be incorporated into a gate to add a bit of personality. You can choose from plain arches, sunburst patterned arches and more. In addition to bringing a touch of individuality to your fence, these arches help with security by providing additional height.

Whichever kind of fence you want, it’s easy to make sure you end up with your perfect garden fence if you consider the material, height and additional features you want your fence to have.