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The long, harsh winters are too cold and too dark for most of us to enjoy spending long periods of time in our gardens. That’s why many people are now very happy that spring is around the corner! If you’re excited by the prospect of having the chance to spend more time in your garden over the coming weeks and months, you’re not alone. But what if this year’s harsh winter has left your garden in a sorry state? Here are some tips for how to go about spring cleaning your garden.

Re-Do Your Fence

If you have a traditional wooden fence surrounding your yard, you might find that this year’s particularly harsh, snowy weather has left it looking a little worse for wear. Wood may be a traditional favorite, but it just isn’t very resistant to extremely cold and damp weather. Prolonged exposure to rain and snow can lead to wooden fences rapidly needing to be replaced.

If you’re one of the people whose wooden fence is looking old and battered after the winter, now could be the perfect time to upgrade, replacing your old wooden fence with brand new aluminum panel fencing.

An aluminum fence has a number of advantages over the usual wooden fences. Aluminum panel fencing offers you the same amount of privacy as a standard wooden plank fence while also offering you more durability, as aluminum fences are very resistant to heavy rain and snow. The durability of aluminum panel fences means that you won’t have to worry about entirely replacing your fence every few years.

If you already have aluminum panel fencing in your garden, the arrival of the warm, spring weather could be a great opportunity for you to spend some time in your yard, repainting your existing fence. Although aluminum fences don’t need to be repainted as often as fences made of iron or other, less weather-resistant metals, they do still benefit from additional painting. Why not repaint your fence and brighten up your yard for the new season?

Brighten Your Yard With Some Plants

What better way to cheer yourself up after the long, gray winter than by planting some lovely, brightly colored flowers in your yard? If you’re a keen gardener, you’ll know that planting and tending to new plants each spring is a lovely way to bring some joy into your life as you reconnect to the natural world. Planting a wide selection of colorful flowers will do wonders for your mood as the warmer weather approaches.

Attract the Local Wildlife

If you like the idea of doing some gardening this spring, why not invest in some local, wildlife-friendly plants? Flowers such as lavender are particularly wildlife-friendly and will attract many bees and other local pollinators.

You can also make friends with the local wildlife by putting nuts and seeds out for the local birds. They’re likely to be hungry after the long winter, so why not give them a hand by providing a bit of food?

Spring is the best time to do some spring cleaning, so start brightening up your yard today. If your yard is secure, tidy and brightly colored, you’ll really be able to enjoy spending lots of time outside when the warmer weather fully arrives.