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As the name suggests, commercial fences are most often used to protect shops, cafes, parking lots, and other business properties. However, businesses aren’t the only properties that can benefit from being surrounded by commercial fencing. Here are just a few of the many reasons you should consider using commercial fencing to keep your home safe.

Commercial Fences Offer Urban Homeowners Extra Privacy

An aluminum commercial fence is a great choice for commercial properties, but they’re also popular with homeowners who live in urban areas that experience heavy footfall or live on or near roads that see lots of passing traffic. This is partly due to the fact that while residential fences come in heights of up to six feet, commercial fences are substantially higher, commonly being manufactured in heights of between seven and nine feet.

In addition to their extra height, commercial fences can sometimes be purchased with integrated fence panels, which offer yet more privacy for your home. Although privacy panels cannot be added onto an existing fence, it’s easy to find the perfect commercial aluminum fence with privacy panels already built-in. As the name suggests, these panels offer another way to make sure that passersby can’t see into your yard or house.

Commercial Fences Are Durable

In addition to offering extra security via their additional height, commercial aluminum fences are durable because of their sturdy, aluminum material. Aluminum is a fantastic material for fencing, and it is more weather-resistant than wood (which can easily be blown down by strong winds) or iron (which quickly rusts when exposed to damp conditions). An aluminum commercial fence is a fantastic investment for anyone who wants their residential property to be surrounded by a fence that won’t be ruined by bad weather.

Their durability also means that on top of being difficult for potential home invaders to climb over the top of, aluminum fences are extremely difficult to dig underneath. In addition to keeping out unwanted human visitors, this means that aluminum fences are great for keeping out uninvited animal guests.

Commercial Aluminum Fences Are Customizable

Another reason a commercial aluminum fence is a great choice for homeowners is because of the fantastic degree of customization they offer. If you want something more unusual than a standard shade of aluminum, it’s simple to paint your fence almost any color you want. This spring, vibrant colors from orange and purple to green are in fashion. If you want to add a real splash of color to your home, why not pick an unusual shade? If you want something more traditional, shades like black, brown, and cream are also easy to find.

Painting an aluminum commercial fence isn’t the only way to give your home a bit of individuality. You can also add extra features to your fence to give them a unique character. Why not add some sunburst arches or spear top pickets to your fence?

Commercial fences are a fantastic choice for residential property owners as well as business owners because they offer privacy, security, and the chance to customize your property as much as possible. Whether you live in a busy area or you just want a little bit of extra security around your home, why not invest in a commercial fence and give yourself a little bit of extra peace of mind?