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Pool Fence DIY Can Save You Dollars, and You Can Easily Create a Chic and Stunning Outdoor Area for the whole family to enjoy.

There are too many instances of children aged one to four drowning each year. These are preventable, and with some effective measures put in place, you can create a safe and sophisticated outdoor area. Most drownings occur in home swimming pools, and it’s an issue that all parents should be mindful of. Pool safety fencing is the most effective step you can take to protect children and pets, and the fencing is designed to be easy for homeowners to install themselves. It’s an affordable, essential step to take to prevent tragedies.

How Easy is Pool DIY?

If you design and install a complete fence, the fence will surround the entire pool. Some homeowners opt for a partial fence that will be attached to an existing fence or wall. Your ideal DIY pool fence will consist of sophisticated aluminum and is best constructed at four feet or five feet high. In some states, pool fences should reach a certain height, so it’s always best to check with your local authority before you begin installing the fence. If your pool fence does not conform to standards, you risk having to dismantle it and erect a new fence that is compliant, and this could be a costly error.

What Should I Consider When Designing the Pool Fence?

It is essential to research and fully understand the pool fence regulations in your state. This is the first step. The second step is to consider the exact location of the fence. Once installed, it is problematic and costly to move a fence, so it’s important to consider issues such as the exact space inside the fence, which allows swimmers to easily get in and out of the pool. You should also consider whether you want seating within the pool area. This could include space for sunbeds and recliners or even a small table and chairs.

How Many Gates will I Require?

You can have as many gates as you want, but most people opt for one or two. Consider the gate’s position as this is critically important. It needs to be easily accessible from the house as no one will want to make a long detour to get to the pool area. You should also consider how aesthetically pleasing one or two gates will be. You will want to ensure maximum curb appeal.

How Do I Go About Erecting a Fence?

If you choose to do it yourself, you must begin the project by starting to clear the area around the pool. Ensure all the foliage, such as overhanging trees, are removed from the pool yard. Then, run a string along the area and mark where the holes must be made. This gives you an idea of how much aluminum you will require. You can order the panels, and with the help of family and friends, the project can easily be completed. When it comes to erecting a fence, the gates should open away from the pool. Once the gate or gates are fixed in place, you will then need latches. Springs can ensure the gates close automatically whenever they are opened. Gates will also come with instructions for maintenance so you can easily keep them in good condition.