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A lighter gate with less effort required than heavy steel, aluminum driveway gates are the perfect choice for homeowners who want style and quality.

Commercial Estate Gate - Style 7 - Flat Top Double Pickets

Why Should I Choose Aluminum Driveway Gates?

When choosing aluminum driveway gates, it’s important to keep in mind that steel is a corrosive metal while aluminum is far stronger, proving to be long-lasting and durable. Aluminum is protected by aluminum oxide, which is a natural, rust-resistant shield. Any gates you purchase will remain in good condition and continue to be aesthetically pleasing for years to come, and this is one of the main benefits to homeowners. The smart choice for long-term effectiveness and durability, making the investment now ensures you have striking home gates that will last for years to come. Little to no maintenance is required over the long term, and all it takes is a little bit of tender loving care and some regular wiping down to keep it looking nice.

First Impressions Count for All Homeowners

Driveway gates in aluminum will stand up to the force of gravity and wind, and they look as pretty as wooden gates. They are light, strong and versatile, not to mention stylish, and you can reignite your home with either modern and contemporary or traditional gates. With only a periodic wipe-down required and no rotting or warping, you can enjoy all the aesthetics of wonderfully low-maintenance aluminum gates. All homeowners will want to impress visitors to their home, and what better way than with new gates that will boost curb appeal and allow you to be the envy of the neighborhood? Even the most discerning homeowner who is proud of their exterior displays will be delighted with a stylish aluminum gate. The gates are versatile and can match your property, whether you have a more muted exterior or you prefer bold colors on the outside.

Metal Estate Gate - Style 4

There Will be Gates to Suit your Taste and Property

From classic spear-topped, alternating spear top, and flat-top with spear to spear top with a double picket, there will be an option for you that suits your tastes. The lightweight nature of aluminum means that motorized gates are a good option, given that less force is required to open and close them. Many homeowners opt for the minimal fuss of automated gates. Intricate and detailed designs are also offered, and these will go a long way toward enhancing the overall visual appeal of the home and its surrounding garden area, pool and yard. The height of the gates will ensure maximum privacy and security, and you can opt for whatever added finials you like.

Driveway Gates are Long-Lasting

Choosing top-quality driveway gates for your property is an investment. Safety, security and increasing the value of your home are three key elements for property owners, and selecting driveway gates in aluminum will address all of these issues. Create a stunning and elegant home and add instant curb appeal with driveway gates that are designed for the discerning homeowner who takes pride in their exterior. The gates can easily be installed yourself as a DIY to give you a long-lasting and stylish solution for your home. All gates come with a high-quality surface finish, which enables you to go ahead with the installation knowing there is little upkeep required.