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If you are moving to your dream home with a swimming pool and you don’t want any extra expense, it is possible to create a surround by yourself.

Moving homes can be stressful, with packing boxes, organizing for the removal professionals to come, and coping with the excessive bundles of paperwork involved. However, if you have decided on a perfect picturesque home with a swimming pool, you will need a secure structure by law. If there is no current protection in place or if the fencing needs upgrading, it is possible to erect a fence yourself. Preparing in advance and doing your homework will ensure you cover all aspects of the job.

Drowning is, unfortunately, a common accidental killer of young children between ages 1 and 4. Most of these incidents happen in backyard pools and are preventable. A strong and affordable pool fence can be put in place that is easy for parents to erect themselves. Coupled with good parental attention, this makes the exterior of your family home as safe as it can be.

How Do I Build a Fence?

You don’t need to weld anything together as your aluminum pool fence panels will come as seen. Basic household tools are needed – for example, a drill, measuring tape and a few other items. You can watch online videos, and you can ask friends or relatives for help. The means of building the fence will be different depending on which material you opt for. Some homes look nice with a glass surround, while some families opt for mesh or aluminum. The choice is yours, and you may want to also consider a budget. There may only be a marginal difference in cost between installing the fence yourself and calling in a professional.

Can I Add in Gates to the Structure?

Gates are required for entry to the pool. You can add in as many gates as you want to the project, but most homeowners choose one or two. Before embarking on the project, think about where you want the gates to be placed as this is important. The gates need to be easily accessed from the house as no one, especially impatient children, will want to make the arduous walk from the house to get in the pool. Also, try to create an aesthetically pleasing home that appears sophisticated to passers-by. Ensuring maximum curb appeal in the community should be your aim.

What Else Should I Know?

The fence must surround the entire pool, but some homeowners choose a partial fence that is erected against an existing wall. If you want to create curb appeal, sophisticated aluminum panels that span four or five feet are the answer. Depending on where you live, pool fences must be a particular height, so do check and familiarize yourself with local laws and codes before you begin the process. If you are unsure, check with your local authorities. If the fence is built and is found not to comply with local laws, it could be a costly error that means having to tear down the existing fence and begin the DIY pool fence job again.

A Pool Fence Will Protect Your Family

A good-quality pool fence should be secure and fully climb-resistant. Protecting your family is paramount, and any structure should be high quality with longevity. Overall, the DIY pool fence job should be simple to master, but help from the professionals is always available in all states.