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If you own, manage or live in an apartment complex, there is always a lot to think about. Most likely, there will be different types of residents, all with diverse needs and desires – not to mention the maintenance and upkeep of the premises itself.

Aluminum fence panels can be the perfect solution for keeping residents happy and complexes safe and secure. There are so many opportunities to use aluminum fence panels in and around an apartment complex, from handrails, security fencing, and perimeter fences to pool fences, deck fencing, and gates.

But why are aluminum fences the perfect solution for an apartment complex?

Commercial Aluminum Fence - Style 1 - Classic Spear Top - Playa Del Rey - 2

They boost safety

Gated community complexes are in demand, and it is not difficult to see why. Gates and fences around the perimeter of a property help to boost security. They make it more difficult for intruders to gain access to the complex. Furthermore, you can choose specific designs and features for your aluminum fencing panels that help to make it harder for intruders to scale them, such as spear tops. Aluminum fencing is also known for its strength and durability. Many apartment complexes may have a pool, which will legally require fencing and a lockable gate around it. Aluminum is a smart choice for pool fencing because it is not corrosive and won’t be damaged by water.

They increase privacy

An apartment complex surrounded by an excellent quality aluminum fence is likely to give the perception of peace and quiet. A fence surrounding the block can also help to add to the sense of community of those who live there, boosting community spirit. Driveway gates can also be a great option for an apartment complex, allowing some degree of control over who enters and exits the property.

They increase curb appeal

People want the place they live in to look and feel nice, and that applies in an apartment complex just as much as a home. Aluminum fencing panels are an attractive and stylish option for a complex wherever they are used, whether around the property perimeter, as deck railing for individual apartments, or as pool fencing. There are many different ways to add creative finishing touches to your aluminum fencing panels, from fence circles and rings to sunburst arches and curves. Using aluminum in all fencing on an apartment complex will allow you to create a homogeneous overall look.

They are long-lasting and low-maintenance

One of the best reasons for using aluminum fence panels in an apartment complex is their longevity and minimal maintenance. Aluminum is non-ferrous, meaning it does not contain iron and is not susceptible to rust and corrosion, even in damper conditions. It is a long-lasting material, so any outlay in costs is sure to be a long-term investment. Aluminum fencing usually has a special powder-coated finish that keeps it looking good. All that is required is cleaning with a hose and some soapy water once in a while. 

It is this low maintenance, combined with its curb appeal and security-boosting qualities, that make aluminum fencing the perfect choice for multiple apartment properties.