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When you hear the words “commercial aluminum fencing,” you might imagine businesses surrounded by a metal fence, but there are many other settings where this type of fencing is a perfect choice. Here is a look at the qualities and advantages of aluminum commercial fencing and where you might find it in use.

Commercial Aluminum Fence - Style 1 - Classic Spear Top - Playa Del Rey - 2

How is aluminum fencing graded?

There are three main types of aluminum fencing: residential, which is the most lightweight and is usually used around homes; commercial; and industrial. Industrial is the strongest and heaviest type of aluminum fencing and is usually used for industrial complexes, warehouses, and factories containing high-value goods. Industrial aluminum fencing is usually found where the utmost safety and security is needed. In many cases, however, commercial fencing provides a high enough level of strength and security.

What exactly is aluminum commercial fencing?

Commercial aluminum fencing usually has larger pickets and rails than its residential counterpart, making it stronger and more durable. There still remains a large array of colors and styles to choose from, and you can still add details such as puppy pickets, fence rings, or various types of spear tops. The enhanced strength and security of commercial fencing in aluminum make it great for use around areas where footfall is high or there are lots of passers-by.

Where might you want to use commercial fencing in aluminum?

• Residential properties – You may also want to opt for commercial fencing around your home, particularly if you live in an affluent area or an area where crime rates are high. The security boost it gives can offer you more peace of mind that your home is as protected as it can be.

• Apartment complexes – Commercial fencing is the perfect option for apartment complexes. In complexes where there are a high number of tenants, commercial fencing can offer enhanced security. Such complexes often experience high footfall, and the stronger fencing can help somewhat to keep unwanted or uninvited intruders at bay. Commercial aluminum fences look smart and sophisticated, boosting the curb appeal of your complex.

• Restaurants and shops – Commercial fencing made from aluminum is an excellent choice for restaurants and shops that want to look good and appealing while maintaining high levels of security.

• Businesses – Not only does this type of fencing increase security around your business, but it also increases safety.

• Schools, colleges, and places of worship – Commercial fencing is also a good option for settings where security needs to be high without looking overbearing.

Commercial Double Swing Driveway Gate Flat Top Flush Bottom Rail + U-FRAME

Why should you choose aluminum commercial fencing?

There are many different benefits to commercial fencing in aluminum. Increased security is one of the key ones. Larger pickets and a higher percentage of aluminum make this fence type stronger and more durable. It can also increase the privacy of a site. Commercial fencing is sometimes taller than residential fencing, reducing visibility in areas where there are lots of passers-by. In addition, aluminum fencing looks smart, creating an attractive and appealing aesthetic. There are many colors and styles available, as well as extra details you can add to personalize your fences such as circles, rings, or pickets. 

Aluminum is an increasingly popular choice because it is extremely low maintenance, and as non-ferrous metal, it is not susceptible to the effects of moisture. It does not oxidize, rust or corrode, meaning it will look great for decades to come.