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It’s official: we are a nation of animal lovers. With an estimated 69 million households in the U.S. owning at least one dog, canines are the most widely owned pets across the country. Our dogs – and other smaller four-legged friends – are part of the family, so we want to do everything we can to keep them safe and well. 

When installing fencing at your home, it’s important to keep your animals in mind. Adding puppy pickets to your aluminum fencing could be a smart move for you whether you have a pet or not.

What exactly is a puppy picket?

Also known as short pickets, puppy pickets are short vertical panels at the bottom of your fencing or gates. There are different styles available, such as flat top or spear top varieties, so you can choose the perfect ones to complement the rest of your aluminum fencing. Puppy pickets for residential or commercial aluminum fences tend to be around 16 inches tall, while industrial fencing options are slightly taller. Puppy pickets can also be incorporated into an aluminum gate design. 

What are the benefits of adding puppy pickets to my new fence?

1. They keep your pets safe

If you are the owner of a smaller dog or cat, the benefits of adding puppy pickets to your home’s perimeter fence or pool fence are clear. They reduce the amount of space within your fencing, thus reducing the space through which your pet can squeeze. This can help to stop dogs, cats or other small animals from escaping from your outdoor space and getting lost, stolen or running into busy traffic. Adding puppy pickets will allow you to have greater peace of mind every time you allow your pet to roam around your garden or driveway.

2. They keep other animals out

This is a key reason puppy pickets are beneficial not just for pet owners but for pet-free households. Just as puppy pickets keep pets in, they can help to keep other animals and critters out of your property. If you have pets, this could help to keep them safe from unwanted aggressors. If you don’t have pets, this could help to keep your property free from unwanted animal visitors and any damage they could cause to your home and garden. 

3. They look great

Many people may simply choose to add puppy pickets to their aluminum fences because they look great. The added pickets at the base of the fencing or gate can look quite attractive, and depending on which picket choice you make, they can add a feeling of grandeur to your fence. You may wish to incorporate them into your design to create a more interesting and unique look that really stands out from the neighbors. Make sure you explore the vast range of style options available to you before you design your new aluminum fence.

Industrial Style 1 with Spear Top Puppy Pickets / Pressed Spears

4. It can make your home more attractive to future buyers

You may not have a pet, but the next person who buys your home might have one. Fencing that already has puppy pickets in place could be a far more attractive proposition to animal-loving potential buyers than one without. It could, therefore, boost the value of your home should you sell it in the future.