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Aluminum fencing is undoubtedly a more cost-effective option than its steel or iron counterparts. Add to this the fact that it is long-lasting and requires next to no maintenance and upkeep, and it is clear why aluminum fencing is becoming more popular. 

What factors can affect your aluminum fence cost? Here is a look at some of the main factors that can impact how much you will pay.

Black Aluminum Fence with Blank Post and Horizontal Swivel Mounts

Type of fencing

Aluminum fencing comes in three main grades: residential, commercial, and industrial. Residential fencing is, as the name suggests, usually ideal for use around homes and gardens, while commercial fencing is perfect for businesses, shops, and other commercial venues. 

Industrial fencing is the strongest and most secure type of aluminum fence. It is usually reserved for warehouses and factories, shops, apartment complexes, schools, and malls. 

Each grade of fencing is thicker and denser than the last, and this is reflected in your aluminum fence cost. There are areas where all three can cross over depending on your need for security and strength. Research all three types and make an informed decision regarding which one is best suited to your needs.


The length and height of your fencing will be reflected in the price you pay. You need to select enough panels and posts for the job, whether that is a perimeter fence around your entire property or a fence around your pool. It makes sense that taller fence panels will cost more, and heights can range from 36 inches to 72 inches. It is also worth checking with your local housing authorities to see if there are any restrictions or stipulations on the height and width of a new fence. 

Industrial Aluminum Fence - Style 1 - Classic Spear Top

Installation costs

When buying a new fence, a substantial proportion of the budget is usually spent on labor costs. Aluminum fencing has the benefit of being easy enough to install by yourself. You can find someone to install it for you if you wish, but most people tend to do it themselves in just a couple of days. With careful prep and planning, it is a perfectly achievable task that can save a lot of money on your aluminum fence cost. Installation involves just a few tools, most of which are found in a standard tool kit or can be easily purchased or borrowed. 

Decorative details

Choosing decorative details and features will also affect the price. There is a vast range of design options available when selecting a new aluminum fence, from picket-top types to ring fences, finials, and decorative scrolls. These will affect the price you pay but can also have an enormous impact on how your new fencing looks, helping to create a fence that truly complements your home or business. You may also be installing a new fence to keep an animal safe and can opt to have puppy pickets – a narrow row of pickets at the base of the fence – installed at an extra cost. 

Type B Finial


When planning your new aluminum fence, the gates and driveway gates you opt for will also influence the overall cost of the project. As with fencing, the height, size and decorative details you choose for your gates will be reflected in the price you pay. There is a huge array of gate options available, ranging from a single gate to a double driveway gate.