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Aluminum is a great option for fencing around businesses thanks to its strength and durability, but would your business be better suited to a commercial-grade fence or an industrial fence? Here are three questions for business owners to ask themselves before choosing between the two.

First, however, it’s useful to understand the differences between industrial and commercial grade fencing. Commercial aluminum fencing is the next step up from residential fencing and has larger pickets and rails. It is often used around businesses such as shops and restaurants, as well as areas of high public traffic. 

An industrial fence is heavier and stronger and is used around areas where high security is needed, such as airports, malls, and storage units. Industrial fences can often be taller than commercial ones, with 10-foot options available with thicker and denser pickets.

Black Industrial Aluminum Gate

How much security does my business need?

The key question any business owner needs to ask themselves when choosing between commercial and industrial aluminum fencing is what level of security they are seeking. Both types of fences offer great security and protection for a business, but with its higher panels and extra thick pickets, industrial fencing is considered the top choice for security fencing. Industrial fencing is well suited to businesses that use high-value or hazardous products, or those in areas where crime rates are high. Other businesses may find that, when combined with alarms and CCTV, commercial fencing will offer the appropriate level of security. 

What aesthetic do you want to achieve for your business?

You only get one chance to make a first impression, and this is true for businesses, too. Business premises and how they are presented say a lot about your company and its values. Both commercial and industrial aluminum fencing can be customized to suit your needs thanks to a range of fence top styles and extra additions. However, while industrial aluminum fencing still manages to look stylish and sophisticated, with its higher number of denser panels, its functionality is its top priority. If you’re looking for aesthetics and additional design touches, commercial fencing may be the better choice.

Commercial Aluminum Fence - Style 1 - Classic Spear Top - Playa Del Rey - 1

What is my budget?

Aluminum is considered an affordable and cost-effective fencing material. It is far cheaper than its steel or wrought iron counterparts. Experts also believe that the extreme durability and strength of aluminum mean it can last for as long as 50 years. This means that an investment in aluminum will quickly pay for itself over time. However, the fact that industrial aluminum fencing is heavier and thicker is reflected in the cost, and depending on the size of your fence and the design you choose, it will have a bigger price tag than commercial fencing. 

Business owners choosing between commercial and industrial fencing should try to balance their security needs with their aesthetic demands and budget to find the right option for them. Whichever variety they choose, aluminum fencing is an ideal choice. As a non-ferrous metal, aluminum is not susceptible to the effects of water. It does not rust or corrode and requires little more than cleaning once in a while. This will leave you with more time to work on growing your company and reaching your business goals.