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In these challenging times, companies everywhere are looking for ways to attract new customers, and nowhere are first impressions more important than in the world of business. For many customers, the first impression of a business is the way it looks from the outside. Here are five simple things businesses can do to help give their premises a cost-effective glow-up to make sure they stand out from competitors.

A new coat of paint

One of the simplest ways to pep up your business premises is to give your paintwork a refresh. Fresh paint can lift the look of your business in just a few hours. You can paint walls and doors to give them a fresh look, and do not forget window ledges, door frames, and other details around your premises.

Aluminum Fence with alternating pickets and TYPE A Finials

Add a new fence

Great fencing can give your business a smart and sophisticated appearance that can help draw customers in. Aluminum is an increasingly popular material for commercial fencing thanks to its style, durability, and longevity. 

Aluminum comes in three grades: residential, industrial, and commercial. As the name suggests, commercial aluminum fence panels are usually the best suited to business premises as they are stronger than their residential counterpart. Aluminum is ideal for businesses because it does not rust or corrode and requires little to no upkeep, while experts also believe it can last for decades. Commercial aluminum fence panels can also come in a wide range of styles and colors so you can be sure to easily match your company aesthetic. You can also install it yourself, saving hundreds of dollars on labor costs.

Clean windows and signage

Make sure your windows and your company signage are given a good cleaning regularly. Layers of dirt can give a really bad impression to potential customers and can make your business appear dated, unkempt and unprofessional.

Add new gates

Gates play an important part in directing the flow of traffic around your business premises, so it is important to ensure that flow works well for staff and customers alike. Again, aluminum is a great option for your business’s gates thanks to its minimal maintenance and durability. If you have already invested in an aluminum fence for your business, aluminum gates can be the perfect way to create a harmonious and professional look. Just like with commercial aluminum fence panels, aluminum gates can offer a vast array of decorative features that can enhance your business. These include sunburst arches and fence rings.

Arched Aluminum Walk Gate with Spear Top Puppy Pickets with Designer Pressed Spears

Do not neglect the little details

Paying attention to detail around your business premises conveys the message that you will pay attention to detail in your business dealings. Do not forget smaller details such as handrails. You could invest in aluminum handrails to match your fencing and gates, creating an on-brand and homogenous look for your company. While businesses are all trying to keep their costs down right now, an investment in aluminum fences, gates, and handrails can be seen as a long-term one. Because they are expected to last for up to 50 years or perhaps longer and require little to no maintenance, your investment will soon pay for itself.