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We are a nation of pet lovers. From dogs and cats to rabbits and hamsters, we love our furry friends and want to ensure they are safe at home. Aluminum fences are a pet owner’s best friend. Not only do they keep pets such as dogs, cats, or other smaller creatures inside your grounds, but they also help keep other animals – and potential attackers – out. Here are 4 reasons aluminum fencing is a great choice for a home with small pets.

It is strong and durable

Aluminum fences are known for their strength and durability, despite the metal being lightweight in nature. Aluminum fences are less likely to blow over in high winds than their wooden counterparts or become weakened by rust or corrosion than their steel or iron alternatives. This means there is less of a chance of your pet being able to make a chance escape from your property after a storm or because the metal has become weakened. Aluminum’s strength and durability mean dogs are not able to chew through it and make a bid for freedom.

It comes in a variety of heights

If you have house cats or you simply want to make it harder for your cat to escape onto a busy road, an aluminum fence is a great choice. However, while in most cases a residential aluminum fence is suitable for most homes, some cat owners may wish to consider a commercial or even an industrial fence instead. 

Residential fences come in a range of sizes up to six feet, while industrial fences can be as tall as eight feet. Choose whichever you think is best suited to keeping your pet safe at home and will prevent them from scaling it. Always check that your planned new fencing complies with your homeowner’s association or neighborhood rules before purchasing it.

You can add puppy pickets

Puppy pickets can be fabricated directly into the bottom of an aluminum panel fence to help keep animals enclosed within your property. These tightly spaced pickets make it difficult for dogs, cats, and other small animals to escape while also preventing other creatures from entering quite so easily. By simply adding puppy pickets to your fence design, you can get greater peace of mind that your pet is safe and looked after. Puppy pickets are not just popular with pet owners; they can also be used as an attractive and stylish decorative feature that helps to boost your property’s security. 

Puppy pickets are also known as short pickets and offer a much more attractive alternative to keeping your pet safe than chain link or mesh fencing. Puppy pickets are one of the main benefits of aluminum fencing for pet owners. They can keep not just dogs but cats, other small animals, and even small children safe in your yard. They can even be added to aluminum pool fencing to ensure children and pets are kept safe around water. 

Choosing the right pet-friendly aluminum fence for you will depend on the type and breed of animal you have and what you want to achieve with your fencing. Fencing that is safe and functional yet attractive is a huge benefit for all homes.