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Vertical Picket Tops

Four optional picket tops to choose from: Pressed Spear, Flat Cap / Plugged Top, Type A (Quad) Finial and Type B (Fleur-de-lis) Finial.  Our Pressed Spear picket top is no additional charge. i.e. it does not increase the per unit cost of any fence panel or gate.  The Finials, however, do incur an additional charge.  Most fence companies have plain, triangular, arrow-head spear tops.  We put a lot more detail into our pressed spear so that customers who don’t have the budget for finials, can still achieve a nice, decorative, look.  Furthermore, the pressed spear point is actually “stamped” into the vertical picket; whereas the finials are an additional attachment to each vertical picket.  Let us know, below, if you have additional questions or comments.

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