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Vertical Swivel Mounts for GreatFence fence panels


NOTE:  You do not need mounts for slight or medium slopes.  See:  Hills & Slopes.  Purchased in conjunction with Blank Posts to connect Heavy Racked aluminum fence panels to Blank Posts.  (Standard panels and “rackable” fence panels do not require these mounts).   You will also purchase Vertical Swivel Mounts to connect one end of a heavy racked fence panel to an existing structure (house, building, wall or column).  In the latter scenario you will need to purchase anchor screws locally based upon the type of material you’re connecting the to.

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Vertical Swivel Mounts allow you to attach a heavy racked fence panels (ones for steep slopes only) to a blank post, column, wall or building.  For more detailed information, see Hills and Slopes.

One of the many benefits of our aluminum fence and gate system is the flexibility given to the installer.  Built into the design of our system is the ability to literally rack any fence panel.  Order Blank (non-punched) posts along with vertical swivel mounts.  Do not use this product with Line Posts or Corner Posts.  See:  POSTS

Automatically included with your purchase:

2 stainless steel, powder coated (matching color) self tapping tek screws used for connecting to Blank Posts.  For connections to an existing house, building, column or 3rd party post you will need to purchase longer anchor screws locally based upon the type of material you plan to connect to.  We recommend waiting until you receive your shipment so that you can take one of these mounts to your local hardware store for a recommendation and to purchase.

How many swivel mounts do I need?

That depends on the number of horizontal rails in your, specific fence panel configuration.  If you have a 2 horizontal rail aluminum fence panel, then order 4 swivel mounts + one blank post for each angle.  If you have a 3 horizontal rails fence panel, then order 6 swivel mounts + one blank post for each angle.  If you have a 4 horizontal rails configuration, then order 8 swivel mounts + one blank post.  Remember, if you’re only making slight turns (up to 10 degrees), you don’t need to order any swivel mounts or blank posts.  Use line posts, corner posts…etc. and then insert, turn and then set your panel to post connection.  You must order 1 mount for each RAIL in your fence panel configuration.

Helpful Tip #1:   Do not order vertical swivel mounts or blank posts if you’re only racking the fence panel for a slight or medium (up to approximately 30 degrees) slope.  Use the line posts, corner posts…etc. and install using the standard insert and set method like you would for level areas of your application.

Helpful Tip #2:   Many jurisdictions require that you must have less than 4 inches of spacing between the vertical pickets.  Therefore, you may need to trim/cut the horizontal rails on each end of any aluminum fence panel that you plan to use along with Vertical Swivel Mounts.  That’s because the use of swivel mounts extends the panel out from the post (or structure) as opposed to when you insert a fence panel into a post.  Trimming our fence panel rails is easy.  Use any hacksaw or metal blade electric saw.

Helpful Tip #3:  If you need to angle a racked fence panel off a post, you have 2 options:

a)  if it’s a slight angle, you can shim the vertical swivel mounts with stainless steel washers, or

b) if it’s more than a slight angle, then you would have to purchase a 2nd blank post and install the 2 posts next to each.

Aluminum Fence on Stairs


Aluminum Fence Panel heavy racked for stairs
Aluminum Fence Panel heavy racked for stairs

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