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When customizing and pricing POSTS online, the last step in the Post Configurator states: Match Fence Panel. Essentially what you’re doing here is confirming to our guys at the factory on how to punch / route your line, corner, end and T(3-way) posts. All 4 questions: Fence Panel Style, Fence Panel Height, Fence Panel bottom rail and Fence Panel options affect the way we punch / route Line, Corner, End and T(3-way) Posts. Rings/Circles decreases the spacing between the top 2 rails. The puppy pickets option requires an additional rail to be added to your fence panel which, in turn, requires another hole punched into these posts.

Why do we make you do this? Several reasons.

First, some customers will have 2 different styles of fencing / gates in their order. Or, 2 different heights of fencing / gates in their order. Therefore, each post or each group of posts added to your shopping cart must correspond to the fence panel that will be inserted into it.

Second. Many customers order posts after their initial purchase. If a subsequent Post-Only order is made, we would have no idea how to punch / route your Post(s). This Step tells us HOW to punch / route your Line, Corner, End and T(3-way) Posts.

Third. Our punched / routed Line, Corner, End, and T(3-wa) posts are routed only for GreatFence fence panels beause our panels are unique and our punched posts will not work with other brands of fencing. The Match Fence Panel Step verifies this to users of our website who have not purchased our fence panels.

Last, if you’re ordering Blank (non-routed posts), you’ll notice this step is automatically filled in and does not require you to make any selections. We don’t need to know about your fence panel connection to our Blank Posts because Blank Posts are not punched / routed. Blank Posts can be connected to GreatFence fence panels with MOUNTS.

Cad Drawing of Posts
Post Cad Drawing