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What does a buzzzzz and a bark have in common?

If you’re the owner of an aluminum pet fence, you know the answer is nothing!

Over the past few years many studies have concluded that electric, invisible fences are dangerous for your pup. The safest alternative for a happy dog and thus owner? An aluminum pet fence, of course!

1. Aluminum Pet Fencing Provides Better Pet Safety

Have a small dog, a large dog? What about a digger? Unlike invisible fences, an aluminum fence Greatfence.com aluminum pet fence is selected to fit your dog’s needs. If you have a runner or a jumper, it’s much easier to buy a tall, sturdy aluminum fence, than turn up the voltage on an invisible one.

A smart, hyper dog (i.e. Beagle) has no problem running through an invisible fence, at the risk of great injury to himself. Dogs love to test boundaries, meaning the chance of them shocking themselves, or running out into the road is huge! We haven’t seen too many pets run right through an aluminum fence, unless of course he belongs to Houdini.

2. Keep The Other Critters OutGreatfence.com Aluminum Pet Fences

You’ve heard the old saying, “the cage that keeps the bird in, also keeps the cat out.” Same is true when deciding what kind of pet fence to install.

An invisible fence may keep your dog within bounds, but that doesn’t protect him or her from other animals. Coyotes, stray dogs, feral cats all pose a huge threat to your pet. When you choose an aluminum pet fence, you’re doing your job as an owner to provide a safe haven in your own backyard. Check out our favorite puppy pickets to enhance your pup’s security!

3. Storms Don’t Mess With Aluminum

When a pet owner opts for an electric fence they’re selecting a fence that only works when the power’s on. This was one reason for a sharp decline in electric, invisible fences in the southern states. High winds, tropical storms and lightening do their best to compromise an electric fence, meaning more compromised safety for your pet. An aluminum fence is the perfect solution. Rain, shine, sleet or snow, this fence keeps your pet right where he belongs, in your yard! Here are some of our favorite aluminum options.