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A fence without a gate is like a home without doors. How do you get in? What if you want to leave?

Fences need Gates.

Ah, but the gate (or door) doesn’t work if it won’t move. Enter the lowly, unsung hero: The aluminum gate hinge! Whether you’re talking about a door or a gate, you know that the success of your passage (ahem) hinges on this small, under-appreciated device.

And Great Gates need Great Hinges!

At GreatFence.com we include our Standard Gate Hinges with all single swing gates up to 6 feet wide and estate gates up to 12 feet wide.  During installation you decide whether to have your gate swing in or out — our standard gate hinges and self-closing hinges can go either way.  And, on single swing gates you also get to decide which side of your gate gets the lock and which side gets the hinges.  Needless to say, you don’t need that choice for double swing gates.

How and where you use your gate determines the hinges you need.

  • GreatFence.com's Standard Aluminum HingeWalkway and driveway gates
    Residential and commercial walkway gates up to 6 feet wide and driveway double swing gates up to 12 feet wide will use our Standard Gate Hinges which are included with your gate order.   They come in “basic black.”

  • Pool Gates
    For gates enclosing a swimming pool, we recommend the Spring Loaded Self-Closing Gate Hinge which we stock in “basic black”.  GreatFence.com’s Self-Closing Gates ensure child and pet safety around swimming pools and hot tubs.  Many states require self-closing gates and self locking latches for pool and spa areas.  Even if it’s not the law in your state, we highly recommend both for every pool owner.

  • Big GatesIndustrial Self Closing Gate Hinge
    For larger gates and many workplace applications you will use our Industrial Self-Closing Gate Hinges . These hinges are for single swing gates wider than 6 feet and double swing gates wider than 12 feet. We stock standard and industrial self-closing hinges in black and white.NOTE: if you plan to automate your large gate – that is use an automatic opener/closer- you will want to use our Heavy Duty Gate Hinges rather than these Industrial Self-Closing Gate Hinges.  Even though they are very nice, the industrial self-closers are not  friendly…operator friendly, that is.  So think ahead.  If you plan to install an automatic operator, go “heavy duty” from the start.

  • Biggest Gates
    Greatfence.com HeavyDuty Gate Hinge
You’ll be glad to know that our Heavy Duty Gate Hinges are nice and are operator friendly to boot.  The are designed for our largest gates — single swing gates wider than 6 feet and double swing gates wider than 12 feet.We offer them in 5 powder coated colors in a Semi-Gloss Finish and 4 new Satin (Flat) Colors to match your exterior decor.  This makes our heavy duty hinges your nice, friendly and most colorful option.

  • GreatFence.com Column-Mount Aluminum Gate HingeColumn and Wall Mounted Gates
    For your convenience, the low-cost, high-quality Column Mount Kwik Fit Hinges can be post- or wall-mounted, and are suitable for gates up to 45 lbs (20 kg). You can choose this UV-stabilized, molded, reinforced polymer hinge for a durable and economical lightweight gate application. We keep it simple with one Black Satin finish.

Great Gates with Great Hinges Require No Measuring

We take care of the measuring for you. All gate “widths” include and accommodate the spacing needed for the hinges/lock.

But if you want to know how it works, here’s the math.   Actual gate widths are less, depending on the gate hinge. So, for example, a 6-foot-wide single swing gate is fabricated to fit within a 6-foot-wide opening —from post to post. Similarly, an 18-foot-wide double swing driveway gate is made to fit within an 18-foot-wide opening—from the inside to the inside of two posts or two existing structures.

Either way, don’t worry about measuring… we got your back on this one.

Colorful Closure

Greatfence.com offers a variety of hinge colors. Not all hinges are manufactured in all colors, so please check individual product listings to see the colors that are offered.

GreatFence.com guarantees you’ll be happy with all of our products. Our success “hinges” on your complete satisfaction!