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TruClose® Gate Hinges (1 pair)



TruClose Hinges Side by Side
TruClose Hinges Side by Side

Self closing gates hinges are very strong and include an internal spring mechanism allowing the aluminum gate to slowly, self close.  Can be used with our aluminum gates, driveway gates and estate gates up to a certain width.  Wider Commercial and Industrial gates require our Heavy Duty Gate Hinge.  These hinges are required for gates installed as a pool enclosure barrier in most US jurisdictions for child safety.  Not recommended for gates you intend to automate with a gate operator.

When you order self closing, spring loaded hinges along with one or more of our gates, the hinges are packaged separately and not attached to your gate.  Furthermore, your aluminum gate will not have pre-punched holes; you, or whomever is installing the gate, decide the hinge-to-post placement on-site during installation.

Spring loaded hinges are required, in most jurisdictions in the United States, to be used on swimming pool gates so that young children can’t waltz into a pool area unaccompanied by and adult.  Unintentional drowning is a huge problem in the United States with approximately 3500 deaths per year.*

Tension, adjustable
Molded, reinforced polymer construction
Unique, patented tension adjustment
Internal stainless steel spring
UV-stabilized, self lubricating materials
Quality Assurance ISO 9001 manufacture

Convenient, reliable performance
No rusting, binding, sagging or staining
Quick, self-closing adjustment
No need for unsightly spring closers
Ease of installation & adjustment
Limited Lifetime Warranty

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Weight 5.5 lbs
TruClose Hinge Type

Regular, Industrial