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Looking for an aluminum fence for your business and wonder what’s the difference between Commercial and Industrial fences?”   Here’s the answer!

Even though DifferenceBetween.net says “Industrial” refers to any venture or business which deals with the manufacturing of goods (excluding include transportation, financial companies, and utilities) and “Commercial” refers to any business or venture done with the sole motive of gaining profit,  when it comes to fencing your specifications will determine which type you buy.

Any of our GreatFence.com fences may work in residential, commercial, or industrial settings because they are all equally attractive.  So understanding what you need will determine which you buy.

There are 4 things to consider before you start the buying process:

industrial11. Consider your reasons for purchasing a fence…

  • Will your fence be used for privacy? (Corporate secrets or political guests)?
  • Does your fence need to help in defining your brand?
  • Would you want your fence to deter a burglar or prevent injury to people coming onto your property?
  • Is the fence going to surround a public swimming pool?
  • What kind of fence would be required to keep animals in their pens, as in a zoo? How big are the animals?

These questions will help you decide the type of fence to buy.

Greatfence Aluminum Fence2. Look at the environment…

  • Is your business or plant in an urban setting, in an industrial park, or is it in “the boonies”?
  • Are nearby businesses high profile and decorative, or low-key and practical?
  • Do neighboring companies look like fortresses of security or are they a little more laid back?
  • What’s the crime rate in your company’s neighborhood?

Taking a quick visual survey will help you define the security level your fence needs to provide for your property.

3. Make sure you know the rules!

  • What are your region’s BOCA (Building Officials Code Administrators) laws?
  • What are the industrial park’s rules for fences and gates?
  • Do the gates need to be self-closing?

Understanding “the rules” early in the shopping process saves you time, aggravation, and money.

4. Contemplate your property’s “look and feel.”

  • GreatFence.com Column-Mount Aluminum Gate HingeWhat color fence do you want? Consider that even a conservative company might benefit from a colored fence!
  • Will your fence color offset and enhance the building you work in? Could it match a color in your company’s logo? Would you make the fence one of the middle or high school’s colors? Why not have some fun?
  • What finish will go well? Gloss, or satin/flat? (We offer seven different colors with two finishes for black, white, and bronze.) NOTE:  Our Powder Coated Tough® colors meet the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) 2604 Standards, while our competitors are happy meeting the AAMA 2603 requirements.

The above questions will help you match your fence to your business’s needs, the property’s purpose, the environs, local rules, and design. Look at how the specifications differ across our product lines. Aluminum fence for commercial property (or industrial property) is in a word, “beefier,” but still beautiful.

Greatfence Specifications

Once you have a good idea of what you need (type) and what you want (style, weight, color, and finish) visit GreatFence.com for 100% American Made, Rust Free Aluminum Fences and Gates.

GreatFence.com offers ten (10!) beautiful styles of Aluminum commercial and industrial fences and matching/complementing commercial and industrial gates.

We have a variety of options you may add to make your fence truly your own. And we have service and support to help you get the right fence for your style and personal taste. See our 100% guaranteed-rust-free aluminum residential fences in our gallery or on Pinterest, then visit our homepage to place your order.

“The business of the American people is business.” ~ Calvin Coolidge

And GreatFence.com fences and gates are 100% American made! Greatfence.com is here to help you be certain that your business, its employees, and the neighborhood in which it operates will be safe, and that it will look great at the same time. Contact us today!