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Over here at GreatFence.com we just love a great fence story. It’s fair to say that our favorite hero is an aluminum fence of course, and that the fence is never the enemy. However, according to this news story about a school fence and the boys who tried to escape it, we can’t help but admire the energy and creative ingenuity of the school boys at Djanogly City Academy in the UK (Nottingham).  Enjoy.

These kids attempted to rebel against their school’s strict attendance policy by digging a hole with spoons (yes, spoons) to dodge school rules and enjoy having lunch outside academy grounds.

According to an article that appeared on Express.co  the boys have “been spoken to” and school staff is supposed to be on high-alert for missing cutlery – since spoons and other pieces of silverware were found en masse around the scene of the crime. In addition, the hole has been filled and a “metal bar put around the bottom of the fence.”

The fence has been reinforced, the kids have been scolded and the cutlery has been locked away. Do any of our other readers agree that maybe we should suggest one of our puppy panels geared towards small dogs and diggers for this school?  OK, we’re just kidding, but hey who knows, it may help!

To our friends in the U.S., in case you’re worried that your kids may accidentally stumble across this article and use Grandma Maude’s antique cutlery to dig an escape route themselves, why not stop by www.greatfence.com and see what kind of reinforcements we can send to your home!

In the meantime, we bet one of these schoolboys from Nottingham  (or several) are going to grow up to be either engineers, landscape architects or Houdini incarnates!