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When it is time to choose a commercial fence, there are all sorts of things to consider. Aside from the aesthetics, most business owners are curious about the cost of the fence. This includes the materials as well as the installation. However, it is important to also think about the long term cost effectiveness of a fence. In other words, how much maintenance is this fence going to need over the course of the next couple months and years?


When trying to come up with a cost for fencing, it is important to take the materials into consideration. It’s true that aluminum fencing is going to cost more than wood fencing up front. However, when compared to wrought iron, aluminum is lighter, costs less to ship, and is even easier to install. This alone adds to aluminum’s cost effectiveness. In most cases, aluminum can be molded to look like wrought iron fencing with a cheaper bottom line. There are lots of different thicknesses and styles to choose from.

In order to get an idea of how much fencing you are going to need, take the time to measure out the area. Look around to see if there are any places that the fence needs to contain or exclude and add this to the total perimeter needed. Using this measurement, it is possible to get an idea of how much the materials are going to cost. The cost of a gate as well as the number of entry points you are looking for could potentially change the cost of the project.


While individual business owners can install fences, many opt for professional installation. This ensures that everything looks the same across the entire property, adding to the overall look of the area. Usually installation includes some type of gate or access point. If not done correctly, an entryway can be more than an eyesore. It can also limit the access customers have to a certain location. Despite the added cost of professional installation, most business owners find it well worth the expense.

Long-Term Durability

One of the main reasons that business owners are drawn to aluminum fencing is the fact that it lasts a long time. It doesn’t require a lot of maintenance. Wood fencing must be constantly taken care of. Between the painting, staining and sealing, the cost of the fence continues to increase. Aluminum on the other hand can easily stand up to weather and regular wear and tear.

The fence’s durability is also improved when it has been professionally installed. By anchoring the posts with things such as brick or concrete, the fence remains immobile. If you aren’t sure what you are doing, you could be jeopardizing the cost-effectiveness of this type of fencing. It makes sense to allow a pro to take care of the task. It is important to clean the fence about once a year. However, it doesn’t take very long and can often be as simple as rinsing the entire perimeter of the fence. If you choose aluminum, there is a good chance that you aren’t going to be looking at any major repairs or maintenance for the next 15 to 20 years.

When you are ready to add fencing to your commercial property, there are lots of things to consider. After taking the cost of materials and installation into consideration, there could be some hesitation on your part. The upfront cost may seem higher than you had originally anticipated. However, it is very important to realize the amount of money that you will save over the next couple decades because you aren’t going to need to do a lot to keep your fencing stable and looking great. If you like the look of wrought iron, you can still choose aluminum. The looks can be similar, but you will end up with something that costs less in both the short and long term.

Also, be sure to remember that the cost of the fencing is an investment in your property as well as your business. Whether you are looking to make a great first impression as customers walk up to your property, or you are attempting to keep things in or outside of your area, fencing is a great addition to any commercial location.