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Hispanic man jumping over fenceFences serve a variety of useful purposes. Some fences are meant to add to the aesthetic appeal of a property, while others are set up to separate the grounds from an adjacent plot. However, there are instances where the main point of aluminum fences is to create a security barrier. When security is the chief concern, there are several important features that need to be considered.

There are real benefits to adding fencing around a company’s property, whether it’s a hotel, hospital, store, or storage unit. Even homeowners sometimes need to add a little bit of protection around their residence. Each property will have different needs and want different looks for their fencing. However, before the appearance of the aluminum fences is decided, the security features need to be addressed.

Getting Through the Fence

If a person can fit through a fence, there is a real security problem. One of the most important security features when it comes to fencing is the distance between the vertical pickets. The goal is to prevent a person from squeezing his or her body through any portion of the fencing. This includes the areas around the gate.

Completely closing off the gate is not an ideal situation. This can prevent a clear line of sight. In places such as schools, it can make the fence look more intimidating to the students as they approach the campus. Small, even spacing throughout the fence keeps unwanted individuals out while still creating an appealing environment and property appearance.

Hopping the Fence

If people can’t go through it, the next logical step for many would be to try to go over the fence. There are several ways to discourage someone from going over the top. High security fences tend to be tall enough to make going over them a considerable effort. To discourage people from trying to scale the fence, it is important to take away any bars that could be considered foot or hand holds. This keeps the look of the fencing simple while preventing people from trying to jump the fence.

If extra security is necessary, it is possible to add a little something extra to the top of the fencing. At first glance, the pointed spears along the top of the fence and the gate look like they are there purely for aesthetic purposes. However, if a person does try to scale the fence, these pointed tips could pose genuine cause for concern when the time comes to transition from one side of the fence to the other.

Damaging the Fence

If a person is truly insistent on trying to gain access to a fenced property, the height or even the anti-scale features might not deter him or her. Instead, the goal is to get through the fence. Using a variety of tools, it is possible to try to cut through the fence posts in order to get through the fence.

This is one of the reasons that aluminum fences are a popular option when it comes to high security. In order to get through the fencing, a person would need special tools and a considerable amount of time to get the job done. The difficulty of tracking down tools and the potential for getting caught while trying to damage the fence can deter people from making an attempt.

If security is a priority but the budget is tight, it can be tempting to go with a do-it-yourself method of fence selection and installation. While this might seem like a simple solution, there can be real problems along the way. Measuring incorrectly could create weak points along the fencing. If the posts aren’t secured properly, individuals might be able to move or push the fencing out of the way. Don’t take the risk!

When security is important, it makes sense to seek out the help of a professional with the selection and installation of the fencing. A professional can make the best recommendations for the property and provided detailed information about the security features available. Once the selection has been made, professional installation teams make sure that the fence is set up correctly and creates a strong barrier between the property and the outside area.