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No matter where your industrial property is located or how big it is, enclosing it with durable fencing is a must. A good industrial fence is one of the primary components of the security for your facility and should be treated as a necessity. It enhances the safety and security of assets or personnel on the premises while safeguarding against people or animals straying onto the property.


Clearly Mark The Boundaries Of Your Property

Without an industrial fence around your property, it can be very difficult for members of the public to see the location of its legal boundaries. This can cause people to unknowingly trespass, which is a safety risk if any heavy machinery is present. If a fence is in place, it also makes it easy to distinguish between people accidentally entering the premises and those attempting to gain access for ulterior motives. The fence serves as a psychological deterrent and will increase the chances of detecting intruders who are determined to gain unauthorized access.


Enhance The Safety And Security Of The Property

With a proper security fence in place, you will require fewer security personnel to monitor the perimeter, which can save money. Because access is restricted to authorized points of entry, it makes it easier to screen visitors and make more efficient use of security guards. With a fence in place, it is also easy to install other security equipment, such as closed-circuit television for further surveillance and detection of possible intruders. Personnel working in the facility will also feel safer when they see that their employer is demonstrating a concern for their safety.


Other Factors To Consider

Depending on the location of your property and the nature of the business, additional security measures might have to be implemented for security reasons. In general, looking at the security features of other industrial properties in the area serves as a good indication of what might be necessary. If the property is located in a secluded area or is used to store valuable equipment, it might be a bigger target for intruders. In such a case, it might be better to increase the height of the fence in order to make it harder for anyone to scale. It also helps to add additional lighting to the perimeter fence to increase visibility and make it harder for intruders to approach undetected.

Opting for pointed spears on top of the fence is another great deterrent because it will make it much harder for would-be intruders to climb over the top of it. In addition to serving as a visual deterrent, the spikes can also have an aesthetic purpose. Finally, the material from which the fence is constructed will play a significant role in how efficient it is at safeguarding the property. A high fence with spikes might look intimidating, but intruders who are determined enough might attempt to simply cut their way through it if they cannot go over or around it. Choosing a fence made from aluminum will make this an extremely difficult and time-consuming job for intruders, which can drastically increase their odds of getting caught. Choosing cheaper materials can save money in the short-term, but higher maintenance and less security mean it is not a good idea in the long-term.

One of the biggest advantages of putting up an aluminum fence is that durability and longevity is not a concern. Maintenance, especially on large industrial properties, can be a big issue, but this is not a big concern when opting for an aluminum fence.