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Perhaps you have just purchased a new business, or are adding a location for your business.  One thing you should consider adding to the new space is an aluminum commercial fence.  A fence gives businesses advantages, including privacy, safety, and, depending on the rest of the building’s design, adding a sense of gravitas with a new distinguishing characteristic.  Anything that helps make your business stick out to customers and potential customers is a good idea.  A fence can help people remember your business

Security of Aluminum Fences

When it comes to security, the two most common kinds of fences are aluminum and chain link. To most people, aluminum fences look better, classier, and are more professional than chain link fences.  Although both kinds of fences can keep unwanted visitors out of places you don’t want them to be, to some, a chain link fence looks more like something people might find at a jail exercise yard.  An aluminum fence looks classier and can actually look pretty much like you want it to, and it is just as efficient at keeping people from places you don’t want them to be.

Appearance of Aluminum Fences

In addition to looking, according to most aesthetics, better than chain link fences, aluminum fences also add curb appeal.  There can be many different options in how fences are used, and with easy maintenance, and built to last a long time, the addition of an aluminum fence can add value to a property and help retain that value.  Help people remember you and your business for positive reason; be the business with the beautiful aluminum fence.


There are businesses in which privacy is an important expectation.  Attorneys, doctors, and others treat people who may not want to advertise that they are seeking this professional assistance often need to keep customer identity reasonably private.  A fence can help provide that privacy.  A fence does not have to be solid to help add privacy. If spotted from a car, looking through slatted openings in a fence provides little information.  Privacy can also be tied into adding security by not letting other people understand who may be visiting an office.


To most of us, time is money.  A fence requires little maintenance which is a big benefit to any business.  Wood has to be scraped and repainted periodically.  Plus, a wooden fence can warp or rot in the sun and rain. An iron fence can oxidize and rust.  If that rust isn’t forcibly removed, the rust will eat through the metal, so then not only will people see rust, but the structural integrity will be compromised.  Just like scraping and repainting wood, fixing these problems is labor intensive and expensive.

Aluminum can last for decades and basically look just as nice in year 25 as it did in year one.  Generally, the most maintenance an aluminum fence needs is hosing it down periodically.  Not yearly, and this “hosing” will be much less labor intensive than scraping and painting.


Think about this:  You build a beautiful wooden fence.  But you build it out of treated wood.  What is it treated with?  Chemicals.  Consider also that the wood is made out of, well, wood that was chopped down.  A vinyl fence is made from chemicals, and where will it go when it is laid to rest?  Probably a dumpster and those chemicals will never go away.

An aluminum fence can be made from recycled materials.  And if you or the next owner of your business wants to replace the fence in 30 years or so, it is aluminum, so it can be recycled.  If that happens, maybe part of your fence will be part of your son or daughter’s fence.

There are many good reasons to add an aluminum fence for your business.  It can add security, and certain it will add improved aesthetics.  Impress your neighbors, and impress yourself by getting a great aluminum fence soon.

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