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If you have decided that you want to install your own aluminum fence after purchasing the supplies, it can seem more daunting than it actually is. There are several things you need to do to make sure you do not run into any issues during the process. Follow these tips for installing your own aluminum fence and you will be enjoying it in no time.

Look At Local Zoning Laws
Every area is different when it comes to the types of fences allows. Before you purchase your fence, make sure you know the height limits and even boundary requirements. You may even want to consider having a survey completed so you know where your property lines are. If after checking with the local zoning department you are cleared to install, you will want to check with your HOA (if you have one) to ensure you are abiding by their rules as well.

Call Utility Providers Before Digging
This is extremely important because you have to put the fence in the ground and you do not want to hit pipes or wires during the installation. You will have a bigger issue on your hands if that happens. Make sure your plans do not get in the way of utility lines because you do not want your fence on top of them if repair work is needed down the line, either.  Checkout call811.com.  They can make this real easy for you.  Each state has its own 811 call center to help you get digging.

Lay Out The Project
Before digging, do a fence run with inexpensive string so you can do a mock-up of the fence. This is important because you want to make sure that nothing gets in the way of your layout such as a tree or a rock. Once it has been planned, remember the spots where you will need to dig so you remember the placement and do not mess up the layout.

Designate Pole Locations
Since you have done a mock up of your pole locations, now you need to actually mark the spots. Many people choose to use spray paint and mark spots with an “X” after spacing them properly. You will need to measure these to be sure instead of visually guessing. The mark will be the center of the fence post so use your measurements according to that spot.  GreatFence.com has an on-center spacing chart to use as a guide.  See:  Spacing Chart.

Get Started
Now that all the prep work is done, you can get started. With aluminum fences, however, you need to start with the gate posts because they are pre-punched and will need to be installed exactly how they were planned so you can avoid any measurement issues. The gate posts also need to be installed deeper than other fence posts. Install it right and deep enough the first time and you shouldn’t have to do maintenance on it ever few years. As a rule of thumb, if your gate is over 96″, you should have the posts put in the ground at least 30″ deep. If they are smaller than 69″, you should be fine with 24″ deep into the ground.

Installing on Concrete
Many people choose to mount their aluminum fence to concrete but if you do not anchor it well, it will eventually sag and weaken the fence. In fact, the best want to install an aluminum fence on concrete is to bolt it down into the concrete and then secure it. If you are having concrete put down for the fence, be sure to wait until it is completely dry before you begin the installation of your aluminum fence.

If you are sure to utilize all of these tips, you should not have any issues with the installation of your aluminum fence. Be sure to contact us with any questions should you experience problems.