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For increased security, purchase curved security fencing. This fence has pickets protruding at a steep outward angle to thwart potential invaders.

If you’re looking for enhanced security, you should consider ordering industrial fencing with curved pickets. You can purchase aluminum industrial security fence panels at heights from 7 feet up to 10 feet in increments of 1 foot.


The Basics

Industrial security fence panels and gates provide that additional level of security that some customers desire. It protects your property from all but the most determined individuals. The top of the fence features pressed spears protruding outward at a 51-degree angle. It’s not easy to climb over that! At the same time, the fence still looks good, unlike unsightly fences that are topped with barbed wire.

You can order industrial security fence panels at heights from 7 feet to 10 feet in 1-foot increments. A standard installation has vertical pickets spaced 3-5/8” apart. For even greater security and more privacy, you can get close spacing, which is 1-1/2” apart.

These fence panels feature four horizontal rails, two of which are placed low and two of which are up high. They measure 1-5/8” on a side, with 0.10” sidewalls and 0.07” top walls. Vertical pickets are 1” square with a 0.062” wall. The fence is made from high-strength 6005-T5 aluminum alloy with a minimum strength of 35,000 psi.


While the standard panel is 6 feet wide, you can also order 7-foot-wide panels in any standard height or 8-foot-wide panels with a 7-foot height only. Like all of our fences, these industrial fencing panels come in a variety of nine combinations of colors and finishes. We apply color to these fence panels using a powder coating process that provides an exceptionally durable finish.

You can add a beautiful accent to your security fence with optional rings of distinction. We add these ornamental rings between the two top rails of your fence.

Stairs or slopes on your property are not a problem. Industrial aluminum curved picket fence panels come in three configurations to accommodate almost any terrain. Order standard panels for relatively flat terrain. You can order rackable panels for slopes up to 30 degrees and heavy rackable panels for very steep inclines. Feel free to contact us if you’re not sure what to order for your property.

Gates and Locks

Your gate can be as secure as your fencing. Order industrial aluminum curved picket single- or double-swing gates for entryways.

Single-swing gates are available in various widths from 36” to 84”. Order double-swing gates for entryways from 6’ to 14’ wide. You can select gates in the same colors and finishes as our industrial fence panels.

Two styles of hinges are available. You will need one pair for each gate, which means you must purchase two pairs for a double-swing gate. The Tru-Close hinge has an internal stainless steel spring that makes it self-closing. This hinge has adjustable tension to vary the speed at which it closes. It is made from reinforced polymer and is self-lubricating. It won’t rust, bind or sag, and it eliminates the need for an external gate closer. You can buy the Tru-Close hinge in either black or white. The heavy-duty gate hinge will swing in either direction. We recommend this hinge for heavier / wider gates, including single gates over 6’ and double gates wider than 12’. This hinge comes in the same colors and finishes as our fence panels.