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Aluminum fence panels are incredibly flexible. You can choose from three grades of fencing: residential, commercial and industrial. Examine all three and determine which is best for your application.


Residential, Commercial, Industrial: What’s the Difference?

Selecting the best aluminum fencing is not difficult. At its simplest, you will select a fence based on your application. You’ll typically select residential fencing for a home or a light commercial installation. For a business with higher traffic, choose the commercial type. If you need serious security, you can buy industrial fence panels. Here is a closer look at each type.

Residential fence panels come in 5’, 6’ and 7’ widths with heights of 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60” and 72”. Most residential fence panels have pickets spaced 3-13/16” apart; Styles 7 and 8 have double pickets, which means they’re spaced 1-5/8” apart. Residential fence panels are great for your backyard, garden or swimming pool. Note that pool fencing is subject to safety regulations that vary by jurisdiction.

You can get commercial fence panels in widths of 5’, 6’, 7’ and 8’, and like residential panels, they come in heights of 36”, 42”, 48”, 54”, 60” and 72”. The difference is in the pickets and the rails, which are larger than you get in a residential fence. The pickets are spaced the same except in Styles 7 and 8, in which case they are spaced slightly tighter than on a residential fence panel at 1-1/2”. Commercial aluminum fence panels contain 20 percent more metal than competing brands for additional strength and endurance.

Industrial fencing panels come in 6’, 7’ and 8’ widths, with heights in even feet from 4’ through 10’. Pickets are spaced at 3-11/16”, which is slightly closer than in residential and commercial panels, and at 1-1/2” in Styles 7 and 8. These are the heaviest fence panels for ultimate strength and security. Use industrial fence panels for schools, shopping centers, hospitals, storage facilities, and other high-traffic applications. You can select outward-facing spears for even more security.

A Host of Options

You can customize all our fences for looks and additional security features. It is possible to order any fence panel in a variety of colors and finishes. Choose gold, bronze, white, black, hunter green, or sandstone with a gloss finish, or opt for white, bronze, khaki or black in a satin finish. Color is applied in a powder coat that will not fade, chip or crack.

Add finials to top each picket. You can also add decorative rings to some fence panels or large scrolls.

You can include solar post lights on 2″ x 2″ posts and 2.5″ x 2.5″ posts. These add a soft glow to fence posts at night. Post ball caps add a distinctive touch to your fence. These are available in the same colors and finishes as our fencing panels. Like the fence panels, post ball caps are rust-free and made in the United States.

We can also supply fencing with a puppy pickets at the bottom. A puppy pickets is fabricated into the fence panel. This adds a rail and has pickets spaced at about 1-1/2”.

These are just some of the options available on our aluminum fence panels. Shop our site for more great ideas.