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It would be very easy if every piece of land were a simple rectangle, but the world is not that simple. The good news is that you can install aluminum fencing panels in almost any conceivable shape. Some flexible fence mounts can help accomplish nearly any job.


Swivel Mounts to the Rescue

Horizontal swivel mounts make it easy to install aluminum fence panels at almost any angle. These are made from cast aluminum alloy. They won’t rust, and you can buy them in the same color as your fence panels. When used alone or in combination, horizontal swivel mounts and regular straight mounts can make just about any turn that’s not a right angle. You can mount swivel mounts to any surface, such as a structure or column, and you can mount them to our blank posts and end posts. That last part is important; you will not be mounting your swivel mounts to pre-punched posts, so order accordingly.

We include a couple of stainless-steel Tek screws to attach a swivel mount to a blank post. You’ll need to go elsewhere and buy longer anchor screws if you’re attaching the mount to some other surface. If possible, wait for your order to arrive to determine what is best.

You should order two swivel mounts for each horizontal rail in the fence panels you’ve selected. For example, you’ll need four swivel mounts if your fence panels have two horizontal rails, and you’ll need a blank post for each angle. Similarly, with three horizontal rails, you’ll need six swivel mounts plus one blank post.

You can make slight turns of less than 10 degrees using standard mounts, in which case you can get pre-punched posts.

We sell both horizontal and vertical swivel mounts. You should opt for horizontal swivel mounts for angles rather than vertical swivel mounts, which are used for steep slopes.

Installing Your Angled Fence

You should choose normal, pre-punched posts and straight mounts for angles that are smaller than 10 degrees. Just insert the horizontal rails of the aluminum fencing panels in the holes in the post. Turn panels as needed to accomplish the angle, and then set the panel-to-post connection with the self-tapping screws that come with your order.

You can make a connection of around 30 to 35 degrees with a single horizontal swivel mount, and using two of these allows you to make an angle of up 70 degrees or so. It does no harm to use two horizontal swivel mounts, so if you’re not sure about the angle you’re making, just use the two swivel mounts to be on the safe side. You should also use two horizontal swivel mounts when installing a circular fence, unless it is a really big circle.

For moderate angles, you can mount panels to either side of a post using swivel mounts on one side and straight mounts on the other side of the same post. For bigger angles, use swivel mounts on both sides of the post.

Note that you cannot use end posts for angles. These are pre-punched near the top, and you won’t be able to align the post properly with the fence panel.