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You can build a fence from a host of materials, including wood, wrought iron and steel. Why should you choose aluminum? Let’s drill down a bit on that topic. We think you’ll come away convinced.

Aluminum doesn’t rust or corrode like other metals, and it doesn’t require periodic treatments like wood does. On top of that, colors are applied by a powder coating process and stand up to punishment. We sell fences in nine colors and two finishes.

Wrought iron looks good, but it’s costly and prone to rust.  Steel is also subject to rust and corrosion.  Both wrought iron and steel are heavy, which makes them hard to install, especially on your own.

Aluminum Fences Are Safe and Secure

You can buy a GreatFence.com aluminum panel fence that meets the BOCA code for pool enclosures.  You can order aluminum fence panels with puppy pickets at the bottom to prevent pets from passing through. For ultimate security, order industrial aluminum fence panels with curved pickets. The pickets face outward, thwarting potential intruders.

Aluminum Fences Are Versatile

Our standard posts are pre-punched for quick and easy fence connection, but you can order blank posts with metal mounts for certain application needs like angles and pivoted fence panels. This allows you to rack fence panels to match slopes, hills and stairs. We can also supply the hardware to attach a fence to a structure. Our corner posts are pre-punched on adjacent sides to easily make a right angle.

Curves and sharp angles are no problem. You can place fence panels at shallow angles with prepunched line posts. Our swivel mounts enable you to form almost any angle to accommodate irregular shapes on your property.  This is done be mounting 2 panels to 2 sides of the post at an angle.

You can install an aluminum panel fence with posts set in holes in the earth with concrete.  For decks, porches and similar applications, simply purchase our deck mounts or welded plated posts and you can bolt the fence to a flat surface.

We sell aluminum fence panels in three grades. Residential aluminum fence panels are perfect for your home or pool. Commercial aluminum fence panels are made with more metal and larger members to withstand higher traffic. Industrial aluminum fence panels are even heavier and offer the ultimate security.

GreatFence.com offers a variety of gates to match your aluminum fence. We sell single and double gates in all grades, up to 28 feet wide.

It’s Easy to Order and Install Our Aluminum Fence Panels

You can order aluminum fence panels online from GreatFence.com, or call us and we will take your order over the phone. We ship most orders within 2-1/2 weeks, although certain items may take a week longer due to fabrication time. We don’t import our fence panels or gates. We fabricate all of them in our Michigan factory.

Nine out of ten of our residential customers install their own fences. You can also hire someone to install your fence. Our system makes it easy for a handy person to install our aluminum panel fences. Our downloadable Installation Manual explains the entire process.

If you run into any problems or have any questions at all, just phone us at 888-379-1312 for quick and courteous service. We don’t just sell fences – we sell solutions, and we are here to help you. We are also available online through our contact page.