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We offer various aluminum driveway gates for sale. These add to your property’s privacy and offer a barrier to intruders. You can add various items and upgrades to enhance the operation of your driveway gate.

Aluminum Driveway Gate with Rings, Arch and Puppy Pickets

You can choose from several types of latches for our aluminum driveway gates for sale. For basic use, you can’t go wrong with the Lokklatch. This latch is a general-purpose model for use with any of our driveway gates. It’s key-lockable and has a stainless steel tongue. Its polymer latch is quite tough. One great feature of the Lokklatch is that you don’t have to hang a clunky padlock on your gate. The Lokklatch is guaranteed for life.

The self-locking Lokklatch Deluxe makes life easy. Close the gate, and it is secure. You need a key to open it from either side, so it’s perfect when you have a need for heightened security. The latch is highly polished and won’t rust. It comes with a polymer push rod that can be detached, along with a fitting jig. You can get several units that are keyed alike, so you can have any number of gates that all open with the same key.

The ultimate latch is the Lokklatch Magnetic. It has concealed fasteners so that you can mount it to the gate with no exposed hardware. You can adjust the latch in both the horizontal and vertical directions. This enables you to adjust it to account for both shifts in the ground and sagging in the gate.

The handle is designed with ergonomics in mind; you can operate it by pulling and then turning it 45 degrees. The lock is rekeyable, so you can key all your gates the same. You can’t jam the latch’s magnetic mechanism, unlike mechanical models. It fits gates that are either right- or left-hinged, and it closes whether it’s in the locked or unlocked position.

Hinges for your Driveway Gate

We sell several types of hinges. You get two standard hinges automatically with your purchase of a double gate of up to 12 feet wide.

You’ll need a heavy-duty hinge if your double-swing gate is wider than 12 feet. This aluminum hinge is made in the United States, and it comes in the same colors as our fences and gates. With this hinge, your gate will swing either way. The hinge carries a lifetime warranty.

You can get a self-closing hinge that automatically closes behind you. We don’t recommend this hinge for automated gates. It has adjustable tension, is self-lubricating, and is made from polymer that won’t rust or corrode. It’s easy to install and is guaranteed for life.

Gate Wheel for Larger Gates

A gate wheel is useful to support larger gates. This wheel has a sturdy stainless-steel bracket and spring. The polyurethane wheel will travel smoothly, helping your gate to open and close easily, even over rough surfaces. The wheel is swivel-mounted. It’s designed to be attached on both sides. We ship it with stainless-steel screws that make for a solid installation. You can easily turn the wheel around to accommodate gates that open in either direction. The whole assembly comes with a black or white powder-coated finish.