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Aluminum Fence Commercial Grade in Black

Commercial aluminum fence panels make it easy to protect your business. They are light, easy to install, and secure. Commercial aluminum fencing is more substantial and secure than residential fence panels.

Aluminum fence panels are known for their lightness, strength and ease of installation. You can even install them yourself, saving your business hard-earned cash. Choose commercial aluminum fence panels for additional strength and security over our standard residential fence panels. You can bump that up to our top-grade industrial aluminum fencing for the ultimate in strength and security.

Security Rules

We might be biased, but we think aluminum is the best material for many commercial installations. Here’s why.

Aluminum presents a challenge to the potential fence climber. There simply aren’t many footholds. With less than 4 inches between pickets, a commercial aluminum fence panel is particularly hard to scale. Aluminum fence panels also have few horizontal rails, meaning few footholds. Think about a chain-link fence, which has an almost uncountable numbers of footholds. You can make your fence even more secure by adding a security mesh to your commercial fence gates and panels. We weld this to a substantial frame at our factory, and you can bolt it to the fence.

You can increase security even more if you order our industrial aluminum fence panels topped with curved pickets. These pickets face outward at 51 degrees, offering a serious obstacle to climbers. Curved pickets are much better-looking than ugly barbed wire deterrents. Not everyone wants their business to resemble a prison yard. Industrial aluminum fencing is our top grade, and it is available up to ten feet tall.

Double Trouble

Our fence styles 7 and 8 have double pickets. These tightly spaced pickets make it really tough to climb your fence. Double pickets also prevent many animals from entering your property. Speaking of animals, we also offer an optional puppy pickets that is built right into the fence. A puppy pickets consists of an additional rail near the bottom of a fence panel. We add double pickets below this rail so dogs can’t get through.

We also offer spear tops on some metal fence styles. These sharp spears make it tough for intruders to go over the top of your fence. Like curved pickets, they look much better than barbed wire.

Installation and Maintenance

Commercial aluminum fencing is a sensible option from a business standpoint because it is easy to install aluminum fence panels. They’re light and strong, and installation requires no special skills. You don’t have to weld anything. It’s easy to trim a panel to complete a run. For the most part, you can just use our pre-punched fence posts, making installation quick and easy.

It’s not a big deal if you have to use a blank / non-punched post from time to time. You can mount your fence panels on a hard surface if you need to, and our system accommodates almost any angle on your property. You can run our fence panels on almost any slope or stairway.

Our aluminum fence panels require very little maintenance. Just give them a quick visual inspection a few times a year. We apply your choice of color with a powder coating procedure, so it doesn’t flake, blister or rust like iron fencing does. Aluminum doesn’t rust, so that’s not an issue. For all of these reasons, aluminum is a very sensible option for someone who is busy running a business.