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Commercial Fencing in BlackA variety of fencing materials are available for commercial applications. We think you’ll see why our commercial aluminum fencing is your best option in many cases.

You can build a fence for your commercial application from many materials. Why aluminum? Once you’ve considered all the angles, we think you’ll see that aluminum fence panels are often your best choice when you take into account installation, maintenance, security and looks.

Assessing the Field

You can install a commercial fence made of various materials, including wood, vinyl, aluminum and steel. No single material is best for every application, but we are confident that aluminum comes out on top more often than not. Let’s consider the alternatives from the standpoints of security, installation and maintenance.

Wood fences look great and they can last a really long time, but they require periodic maintenance. You will have to apply finish immediately after installation, and you will be doing it again every three to five years. You’ll find a loose board occasionally that requires replacement or repair. Note also that wood posts must be pressure-treated if you plan to put them in the ground to avoid sagging, and this applies to any type of fence that uses posts. Another issue is humidity, which provides a great environment for mildew and mold that can attack wood.

Vinyl fencing lasts a long time. However, impacts can damage this material, so you will need to make occasional repairs. Mold and dirt also affect vinyl, requiring periodic cleaning. Soap and water will do for normal cleaning, but you may need stronger cleaners, such as baking soda or vinegar.

Stone lasts literally forever, and you can’t beat it for looks. However, you will have to repair the fence when stones get loose, and installation is a tough slog. You will almost surely have to hire someone for the job. If you put up a stone fence, examine it every spring for mortar problems and loose stones.

Metal fences score well for longevity. Steel and wrought iron are prone to rust, and these heavy materials make installation difficult. Commercial aluminum fence panels are light, making them much easier than steel or wrought iron to install. Our commercial aluminum fencing comes to you in panels that are made with ease of installation in mind. It’s not hard to trim a fence panel when you need to finish off a run.

Security Issues

You are likely installing a fence for security reasons. Let’s assess the field in this regard.

Wood fences offer moderate security if they are tall enough, but wood does not present a great barrier to entry in general. It’s not that hard to scale most wood fences to gain entry to your property. Vinyl is not really made for high security.

Unless it’s really high, a stone fence offers highly porous security, and if you do build it tall, installation will be expensive and time-consuming. Wrought iron clearly presents similar problems. You can obtain good security from a chain-link fence, but it’s usually not hard to climb. If you want to prevent climbing, you’ll need to consider barbed wire, which is anything but attractive.

Commercial aluminum fence panels can keep out most climbers if configured properly. The pickets have just under 4″ of spacing, and you can get even tighter spacing. You can also order optional expanded metal security mesh. If you use our industrial aluminum fence panels, you can order curved pickets opening out at 51 degrees to keep out climbers.