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A driveway gate looks great and helps protect your property. Aluminum driveway gates come in various styles and can be fitted with a host of options.

If you install a beautiful new aluminum fence, it makes no sense not to finish the job with a driveway gate. It’s easy to install aluminum gates for a driveway. In fact, we recommend starting your aluminum fence installation with the gate and working out from there. Residential double-swing gates are the most popular choices, but you can also go with a single-swing gate in our industrial grade. Single-swing residential gates aren’t available in widths suitable for driveways. Aluminum driveway gates can also be used with pool fencing, but be aware that swimming pool gates and fences are subject to safety standards, and local communities often impose their own regulations on pool fencing.

Commercial Estate Gate

We’re sure you’re aware that aluminum fence panels are easy to install yourself due to their light weight and strength plus our efficient system of panels and posts. Aluminum driveway gates are similarly easy to install. Driveway gates are moved often, and the light weight of aluminum is a great advantage. You can buy our driveway gates to match the colors of our aluminum fence panels, and don’t forget that our powder-coating process means no flaking paint. Double-swing gates come in the same styles as our aluminum fence panels. Our gates, like our fences, require very little maintenance.

It’s possible to fit our gates with an automated gate operator. However, we don’t sell these. Most gate operators work with our gates, but check with the vendor to be sure.

Posts for Driveway Gates

We don’t automatically include posts with your purchase. A gate usually requires two gate posts. For ground installation, it’s good to order posts that measure about two feet longer than the height of the gate. For surface mounting, you just need posts that are three inches longer than the height of the gate, and you’ll have to order a welded plate. See our gate product pages for additional information.

Puppy Pickets

Dog panels are a popular addition to both our fence panels and aluminum gates for a driveway. These “puppy pickets” are double pickets at the bottom of the gate plus an additional horizontal rail over top of them. You need to order puppy pickets at the time of purchase. We build these into the fence at the time of fabrication, and you cannot add them later on. Order this option when you pick out your gate on our store website.

Hinge Options

Two pairs of gate hinges come with your order of double-swing gates at widths of up to 12 feet.  You can upgrade by ordering self-closing gate hinges. These will automatically swing shut from the open position. They are self-lubricating and have adjustable tension settings. They are fabricated from reinforced molded polymer plastic.

Ordering Custom Gates

Our residential double-swing gates come in standard widths. You can order these from our website up to 12 feet wide.  We also carry driveway gates up to 28 feet wide; however, you’ll need to use our industrial grade version.  We do offer custom widths, however. For custom widths, you must supply the daylight opening measurement (DLO). You can determine this by measuring the inner distance between the posts or other surfaces where the gate will hang. To order, specify the next larger standard gate size, note the DLO, and we will take care of the rest.