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Aluminum Fence Specifications
Depending on your needs, you may want to consider upgrading from residential to industrial or commercial aluminum fence panels.

It’s hard to beat aluminum fence panels, especially for DIY fences. They’re light and easy to maneuver, and aluminum is durable and easy to maintain. Our residential aluminum fence panels are perfect for most home applications, but you might want to consider upgrading to aluminum commercial fence panels or industrial aluminum fence panels if you will have high traffic or enhanced security requirements.

Commercial aluminum fence panels normally see use in retail or light industrial situations. Industrial fence panels are typically used in the highest-traffic settings and where security is paramount, such as around hospitals, schools and factories.


Thinking About Security

Aluminum fence panels are secure, and they are particularly good at repelling climbers, especially if you select a security mesh or double pickets. Commercial aluminum fence panels have pickets spaced at less than 4 inches, and there are horizontal rails to allow foothold.

One huge advantage of aluminum is its great look. You might be fine with chain link and barbed wire for a grubby industrial setting in a barren wasteland. However, that doesn’t cut it for industry, institutional or retail applications, especially if you’re located in town. Aluminum commercial fence panels are perfect in this case.

You can add additional security features to your aluminum panel fence. We mentioned a security mesh earlier. You can add this to gates and fence panels. The security mesh is welded to a frame at our factory. That frame gets bolted to the fence panels from the inside and is powder coated and rust free!

You can specify curved pickets if you want take it up a notch and get our industrial aluminum fence panels. Curved pickets face outward at 51 degrees to thwart most climbers. Moreover, curved pickets look good, unlike the tangles of barbed wire you see atop many industrial chain-link fences. In addition, if you buy industrial fence panels, you will have the toughest and heaviest fence panels we sell. You can order these panels up to ten feet tall.

Another way to enhance security is to order fence panel styles 7 or 8, which include double pickets. The narrow interval between double pickets makes it a tough task to climb your fence. Double pickets also prevent animals from penetrating the fence. Optional puppy pickets (short pickets) keep your pooch from leaving and other dogs from entering. We fabricate puppy pickets right into the bottom portion of your fence panels at our factory. They incorporate an extra rail, below which are double pickets.

Spear tops look good and make it that much tougher for climbers to go over the top of your fence. Again, these look much better than the alternatives. Consider their looks and you can see the advantage.

Installing Your Fence Panels

It’s a snap to install commercial or industrial aluminum fence panels. If you’re handy, you can do the job yourself. You’ll just need someone to help you lug stuff around for your DIY project, or you can pay someone with handyman skills to do the work for you. The advantage of aluminum fence panels is that they are easy to move around. You can easily trim a panel width on-site to complete a run, too.  And, there is no on-site welding required.  In most cases, you can use our pre-punched posts, making short work of installation.