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You can enclose your commercial establishment with fences made from a number of materials. Each has its merits, but we think aluminum fence panels fare well against the competition.

It’s a competitive world. Just as you compete for business, a number of fence materials compete in the market. When you buy a fence for your business, consider factors such as as security, looks, installation and maintenance.

Commercial Aluminum Fence

Fence Materials

For a business, you will probably install a fence made from either from vinyl, wood, steel or aluminum – or even stone in some cases. No single type is best for everyone, but we think commercial fencing in aluminum is the best choice for many businesses.

A vinyl fence scores great for longevity. Barring a catastrophe, your vinyl fence isn’t going anywhere. Vinyl does suffer from impact damage, so you may occasionally have to replace or repair a small area of your fence. This material can be affected by mold and dirt. You’ll have to clean a vinyl fence every now and then with mild cleaners and possibly more aggressive agents if you encounter staining.

No one ever badmouthed the looks of a wooden fence. However, those looks come at the price of applying a finish every few years. In fact, you need to do this immediately after the fence is built. You’ll sometimes see a loose board requiring repair. A wooden fence is not as easy to install as some other fences, partly because of its weight. Keep in mind that wood is vulnerable to mold and mildew, particularly in humid environments.

Speaking of wood, note that you shouldn’t use non-pressure-treated posts with any type of fence as contact with the ground can affect the posts’ integrity and leave your fence sagging.

Metal is quite sturdy, but you’ll deal with rust issues in many cases. Steel’s heaviness makes a DIY installation difficult. Aluminum fence panels are light and easy to install yourself. This can save you a lot of money over a professional fence installation. Our aluminum fence panels are made to lock into our pre-punched posts. You can easily trim a panel to finish a run.

Stone lasts forever, and it looks fantastic. Nevertheless, you will still have maintenance issues over the years. Examine your stone fence each spring for mortar problems and loose stones. Stone is going to cost you a lot of money, and it is anything but easy to install, almost certainly requiring a crew of professionals.

Security Issues

You are probably buying a fence at least partly for security. Let’s consider the pros and cons of various fencing materials in that regard.

Vinyl fencing is not your best choice for security. Wood scores better if it’s tall enough, but it can still be fairly easy to climb. Stone scores poorly for security unless it’s mighty tall. A steel chain-link fence offers good security, but if you need to top it with barbed wire, your establishment now looks less than inviting to customers.

If we do say so ourselves, commercial fencing in aluminum scores quite well for security. Our commercial fencing offers few footholds to climbers, and you can top our fences with spears or curved pickets that make it tough to go over the top. We can weld a security mesh to your fence panels at our factory. This comes on a frame that is bolted to the fence.