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Holiday Fencing & GatesHoliday lights and seasonal plants can help your house look festive. Don’t shy away from using your aluminum fence as a décor prop this holiday season!

‘Tis the season for chillier weather, autumn leaves and festive holidays. If you have a few trees surrounding your yard, you have probably already begun raking. While outside, you might have noticed the neighbors are getting into the autumn spirit with various outdoor props and decorations to celebrate the season. You could join in the festivities by decorating your yard, doorstep, fence or even your driveway gates. If you have driveway gates in aluminum, you already have a wonderful, strong focal point for your home. Now all you have to do is choose some decorations to match the holiday or season and add them to the gates.

Light it up

Lights are a go-to for holiday décor. Lights give your home an instant festive spirit when the sun goes down, with colorful or white lights to choose from depending on your tastes. This is important because the sun sets earlier now, and it would be hard to see your other outdoor decorations in the dark!

Oftentimes, your driveway gates can be a bit too far from an open outlet to plug in the lights. If this is the case, get a few strings of lights and put them together all down your fence to the nearest porch with an outdoor outlet. Add a timer and your home will be lit up for anyone coming down the street! If you are finding it hard to figure out how to get the lights to stay on the gates by just wrapping them around and through the pickets, there are special light clips that people use on their roofs that can also be clipped onto your aluminum fence and driveway gates if needed.

Because your driveway gates in aluminum are made of a strong, weatherproof metal, the lights shouldn’t harm the fence pickets at all. Be sure you have chosen lights that are appropriate for outdoor use and not the indoor kind. If you can’t find a way to get the lights to reach all the way to the driveway gates, don’t worry. There are other ways to get your outdoor spaces in the seasonal spirit.

Color and size

Lights aren’t the only way to jazz up your outdoor space. With the number of seasonal decorations available at home goods stores in addition to the do-it-yourself kind, there are plenty of options to give life to your yard and fence. Go for bright, vibrant colors in your yard and on your front porch that can be seen from the other side of the fence.

You might also want to invest in some excellent decorations that make a statement, such as tall, large decorations. This could be in the form of corn stalk decorations tied to the fence for the autumn season or a large plastic light-up snowman in the yard for winter. You could even wrap your driveway gates in colorful plastic and ribbon to look like a present; after all, it’s the season of being thankful and giving gifts!

These décor ideas are eye-catching even through a fence and can even incorporate the fence itself if desired. Adding smaller décor pieces or hanging décor on your driveway gates can give your whole home and yard a beautiful and inviting appearance for the season. It’s time to get your house in the holiday spirit!