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industrial_s7_lubbockUsing different fence types that complement each other can help you hide unsightly parts of your yard and give your property a cohesive look.

When picking a fence for your home, you might think you need to decide between one type of fence or another, but some fence types actually work perfectly together. Think about those areas of your yard that you’d rather keep hidden, such as your garbage cans, recycling bins, or a small shed. To keep these areas tucked away, you might have to move everything around in your yard. Perhaps you think the only choice is surrounding your entire yard with a fence that has no space between the pickets, rendering your whole yard closed in from the outside world.

Thankfully, there’s another solution. You can use privacy fencing just around the unsightly areas, sectioning off those spaces from the view of the road or the porch. Then you can use whichever type of aluminum picket fencing you wish around the rest of your yard.

Friendly neighbors

Privacy Fencing Even if you have the friendliest neighbors in town, you still might not want to see their entire yard where your two back yards meet. This is where a mix of privacy fencing and regular fencing can help. Choose a type of fence to block out the view of the neighbors for just the section of the yard that’s in direct eyesight. Then, using complementary colors, choose aluminum panel picket fencing that allows views for the rest of the space.

Keeping the car out of sight

Depending on your front and back yard, you may have a carport or area where you park your car that is in full view of your porch. If this is the case, you can get creative with your fencing by sectioning off a specific car area with just some sections of fence panels. One or two simple walls of aluminum fence with mesh can keep your car secure and out of the way of the rest of the yard.

A place for everything

privacy_fencingOrganizing your yard doesn’t have to mean a huge, expensive overhaul. Your garbage cans, recycling bins and outdoor gardening tools don’t need to clutter up your yard. Set these unsightly areas into a corner out of view of the porch and use a few panels of privacy fencing to hide them.

The rest of your fence can be your regular, favorite aluminum panel fencing to keep a streamlined look in the front and back of your home with no unsightly areas in view!

A great gate

Another place that a mixture of fence types works well is surrounding your driveway gates. The gates are movable and often a different design than the rest of the fence, so it makes sense to play around with the look of the driveway gates in comparison to the rest of the fence. Depending on your privacy concerns, this could mean having a fence with no views into the yard except for the open pickets of the driveway gates, or perhaps the other way around with no view through the driveway gates but lovely views of your yard through the yard’s picket fence.

Having plenty of choices when it comes to your home’s fence shouldn’t feel overwhelming. This allows you to really customize your yard, home and driveway and make them look exactly how you wish. Envision a few different scenarios while assessing your yard to imagine what’s best for you, your family and your home.