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Bronze Semi Gloss GateA grand entrance with large, swinging gates might be a dream for many homeowners, but in reality, this type of entrance won’t work for every home.

The choice of whether to get driveway gates in aluminum is completely up to the homeowner. Personal preference and the need for security or privacy are the main reasons for choosing one type of lockable entry point for cars entering and exiting the property.

Once the decision has been made to get the gates, you’ll have to choose whether to get gates that swing open or those that slide to one (or both) sides. A common first idea of driveway gates is to get the type that swing open, either outside or inside the property line.

A grand entrance

The picturesque entryway with the swinging gates definitely creates a grand entrance, but it really isn’t feasible for all outdoor spaces. Your driveway itself will be positioned in such a way that will allow a certain type of gate, and it might not be what you had hoped.

If your driveway turns quickly to one side, leaving grass or bushes for the swinging fence to bump into as it swings, this could be the deciding factor to switch to sliding driveway gates in aluminum. The sliding gate can be pushed to one side or both and usually rolls back behind a similar fence or into a track discreetly hidden among bushes or plants.

Slopes and hills get in the way

If you have your heart set on swinging driveway gates, you will need to make sure your yard has no slopes or hills in the vicinity of the swing. If a hill or any type of gradient in the ground interferes with the swing of the gate, not only will the gate not fully open, but the electric mechanism could malfunction. Your gate needs a clear path to the end position of the swing.

Slopes and hills don’t much matter with a sliding gate, giving you more freedom to keep your yard how you like without having to worry about such a large area that the gate will have to cross over.

A sliding gate doesn’t mean you are settling

Speaking of large areas, you might just not have enough space to have a swinging gate and the landscaping that you want all in the front yard. Choose your priority, and then find a way for it to work out with the different types of gates available.

A sliding driveway gate can give just as grand of an entrance as a swinging gate. One is not superior to the other; it really depends what fits best with your property’s landscape and look.

Sliding gates feel a bit more modern, but with the right type of aluminum finish, they remain classic. Sliding gates can be electric, too, giving you complete control over opening and closing them from the comfort of your car. This is definitely helpful on rainy days!

Whether you go with sliding driveway gates or swinging ones, your choice will fit your yard and property perfectly. Go into driveway entrance planning with an open mind and unspecific expectations. Let your yard and property guide you in what will work best with the land you have, and everything will look completely seamless.